celebrity barber is a white wig strung backwards

Where Klaas Heufer's circulation is right, he is right: Udo Walz looks very similar to the famous Berghain-siren, Sven Marquardt. At least, when the celebrity barber is a white wig strung backwards and sunglasses and leather jacket snaps.

And that's exactly what he did: for one night, "Circus HalliGalli", Walz gave the nasty doorman - with the help of moderator Klaas Heufer, of course, of course. He presented the new action "On Inlet Udo" on Monday. And explained the unsuspecting roll once, which makes a good doorman.

The fact that no one is allowed to go in, looks like he has to get up early the next morning, for example. Or is already too drunk and can not order much beer. Furthermore, it is important that drugs are consumed only in the club, not before. And there is an exception: Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht must always be let in Berlin. "Otherwise it was not a party," Klaas Heufer circulation sharpened the disguised Udo Walz.

"Calm down first!"

wig uk

Klaas Heufer circulation got a laugh after the other when it was observed - this is not the last action with Udo Walz.

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