Anime Giveaway: Kick-Ass Waifu Wednesday ( Late)

Hey Guys! Back again on day 5 of the Anime Giveaway! Today's theme is Kick Ass waifu wednesday honoring all the girls thst can handle and hold down their own. My two picks for today are independent ladies that have beauty and deadly skills.


Anime: Michiko and Hatchin

Michiko is mother that is doing her best to raise her daughter, Hana, as well as trying to find the father of her child. Seems simple enough, but did I mention she is an ex convict running from the law and in the middle of a big mess with a syndicate. She is street smart, a great fighter, and a lovable person.



Anime: Black Lagoon

Revy is top notch deadly killer. She has amazing gun skills, can take down anyone, no one would want to be the one going against her. For all the hardness and brutality she has, she also has a soft side too..but maybe that only applies to Rock??


There you go!

Hey guys!!! I love all types of anime and manga. and I have been drawing since 6th grade!!ヽ(´▽`)/ Feel free to follow me!!
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