My Favorite "Real" K-drama Kisses (Pt1)

Hello fellow K-Drama fans! You know what I'm talking about when I mention the pecks and awkward eyes open stiff as a board lip presses that somehow pass for the kiss you've been waiting 12 episodes for...

*lemme catch my breath real quick*

These are not those haha. Of all the dramas I've seen, I've compiled a list of some of my absolute favorite butterfly inducing, toe curling, pearl clutching kisses. Please suggest any I haven't included in the comments!


In no particular order (except I saved my top faves for last *wink wink*)

Jung Il Woo is one of my fave lip lockers, and he shows some skills here in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

The list wouldn't be complete without some Lee Min Ho... This was a memorable kiss in City Hunter because of it's urgency... however this video shows the bts and ng cuts. *squeals*

Here is my absolute favorite kiss from Queen Inhyun's Man... The couple's chemistry in this was mind blowing.

Reply 1997 had some good kisses, but this one beat them all. The tension and desire in the kiss, and the way he bends her back... oooo butterflies!

This kiss had me crying. The reunion of the lovely couple was epic with this tantalizing lip lock in My Love From the Stars.

Doctor Romantic had a couple good scenes, but this was by far my favorite. it was raw and shocking.

Gong Yoo. Nuff said.

From Goblin, The Lonely and Great God.


This fan fave We Got Married couple reunite in Our Gab Soon, to get those kisses in as they play as a married couple here as well. Song Jad Rim is one of my fave actors, but these are my favorite kisses he's done. I clutched my pearls y'all.

This tension in this kiss could be cut with a knife. Jong Suk is another fave actor, and how he takes her in with his eyes before leaning in gets me every time. Kiss starts at 2:00 - From Jealousy Incarnate. (Winner of 2016 Kiss of the Year at Dramafever awards)

Lee Min Ho again... From Legend of the Blue sea. This kiss was sweet and loving, but in true Minho style, he pushed the boundaries during this session.

THIS. From I Need Romance 3. This session was believable, gentle, and sexy.

Also from I Need Romance 3. Sung Joon is one of my fave kissers in K-Dramas... he never disappoints.

Yet another clip from INR:3. This made it to my list because it's sexy as hell. The female is being the agressive one and it's hot. Ladies take notes ;)

From 1% of Something, this kiss brings the heat. Ha Suk Jin is an excellent kisser.

From Another Oh Hae Young, Eric Mun of Shinhwa (Where my orange princesses at?) delivers with this heated session. The humor of the scene is just a bonus.

Lee Hyun Woo melts the snow away in this warm and passionate kiss from Moorim School.

So that's it for part 1.

if you enjoyed this and want to see part 2, leave a comment below.

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