~IWKWLI~Chapter 12

After buying my dress and a few accessories we decided to head home since we were getting so many calls. They must be getting ready to head out somewhere. I opened the door to see Halmoeni,Mom,Lauren, Aunt Eugene and Aunt Soo-Jin getting ready to leave. "Where's everyone else?"Amerie asked. "The men went out. Jay and Yuna went to breakfast like an hour ago.We are going to head to the grocery store."Mom said. "Alright." We got stuck babysitting. Which is all good since they'll keep each other company for awhile. "When does Kook get here?"I asked sitting down next to Amerie. "Tonight for the big dinner. Finally.He's been stuck in Seoul with his family.". Next thing we hear a bang and Gio crying.I rushed to the back room where the kids are playing and see Gio holding his face while JaeSi and JaeAh trying to stop him from crying. "What happened?"I asked removing his hands so I can see. "We were chasing each other and Gio ran into the door."Jaesi said. "Oh no."I said seeing his nose gushing blood."come on let's get you cleaned up." I picked Gio up taking him to the bathroom and set him on the corner of the tub.I grabbed some wipes and began wiping the blood off his face. Poor baby still got tears,I pinched his nose waiting for it to stop and took him into the living room sitting on the couch. Amerie brought over ice in a bag with a dish towel wrapped around. Gio laid his back against my chest and held the towel over his nose watching tv. "Babe.Today was so much fun."Yuna said walking into the house. "We gotta do it again. What happened to my son?"Jay asked noticing the ice and towel. "He was having too much fun and ran into a door.little man got a bloody nose." "How You feeling?"He asked. "Fine.There was a lot of blood Appa." "Was there?" "Yeah,but Mommy cleaned it all.See."Gio said taking the ice off to show Jay. "Wow.Mommy did a good job." "Yep." "Auntie.Your phone keeps ringing!"Baby Romeo yelled running into the living room with my phone. I just got here and I'm being bugged. "Who is it?"I asked reaching for it. "Chase." "Oh just ignore it."I said giving him the phone back. "Ok." "Why won't you answer the phone?"Amerie asked. "Isn't he your boyfriend. You should answer."Yuna said. Who asked her to join this convo? "I gotta think about things." "Think.What do you mean think?"Jay asked. "Nothing.Maybe We should start on the kids lunch?" "Yeah we should."Amerie said. Jay and Yuna went to their room while Amerie went to the kitchen.I sent Gio back to go play and I decided to work on the wedding ideas. "You're not going to help me?" "Once I finish this I'm wedding planning free." "Gia.Help me. We have kids to feed plus us.You can do that while they eat." "Fine." I closed my laptop and headed into the kitchen helping Amerie.

~Jay~ "Home come she won't talk to her boyfriend.Does she not care for him?"Yuna asked sitting on the bed. "That girl can never make up her mind if she loves someone or not." "Is that why you two aren't together?" "Basically." "Well I'm glad. Then we wouldn't be together."She said getting up and wrapping her arms around my neck giving me a kiss. "True." "During this little vacation are we still planning the wedding?" "We can but we haven't set a date." "I want to do it as soon as possible." "Like how soon?" "Next month soon." "We can talk to keyshia when she gets here." "Ok Babe.I think I'm going to take a nap." "Ok." I walked out of the room seeing the kids made their way to the living room watching cartoons while Amerie and Gia were in the kitchen.I decided to sit down and help watch the kids.Since there's so many. ~Gia~ After serving the kids lunch I decided to tell Amerie I'm going to talk to Jay about that night. Don't know why but it bugs me still. She thinks it's a bad idea. Won't hurt to try. "Jay can we talk outside."I asked. "Umm sure." I walked out the front door with Jay following behind. "What did you wanna talk about?" "About what happened between us." "Why do you wanna talk about this now. We already had a chance to talk about it. I'm getting married.Gia. You and I can't be anymore.That day I don't know what I was thinking. I was falling back in love with you but you rejected what happened. So it's done. I don't wanna talk about it. A huge mistake that night was. You still have a place in my heart since you gave me the most beautiful gift In the world and that's Gio. Now I'm going to go back inside and be with my fiancée. Remember you have Chase." He walked inside without letting me say a word. Wow I fucked up again. I was about to go inside and then my phone began to ring. I looked at the screen seeing Chase again. I might as well just answer it. "Hello?" "Oh now you decide to answer after I've been calling you. Thanks for caring to answer.Gia you piss me off sometimes. Just wanted to make sure you were alright. Glad you landed safely." Looks like the two men I care about both hate me. Ugh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋@MarrickeJ33@BBxGD @xroyalreisx@LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯@BBxGD@royalpandajedi@PrettieeEmm@MelissaGarza@Starbell808@MaelstromVIP@SashaKmseoul@FromBlue2U@Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @LiyahBoon@AlenaSegura@Airess95@Caky@EvilGenius@IsoldaPazo@JohnEvans@SimplyAwkward@Tabili@VeronicaArtino Tag List!@EvilGenius@LizaNightshade@BrianaSmalls@AimeeH@kpopandkimchi@shellyfuentes70@megancurrent9 @Sailynn@BekiKunstman@Annaharris1989@AraceliJimenez@catchyacrayon@PassTheSuga@JamiMilsap@MissT615@LinnyOk@resavalencia@3SecondsOfHope@petname83@VatcheeAfandi99@RebeccaLondon @twistedlove@amobigbang@lovetop@Ambie@LysetteMartinez@sarahdarwish@MelissaGarza@SatinSkies@MzDawson31508@luna1171@lilbr0wneyes@jessicaacosta90@katyng52@exolover101@yaya12@BreeMassey@Starbell808@FromBlue2U@TiffanyDixon@chenisbaekasy@tiffany1922@YviLole15@QueenPandaBunny

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