Happy Mother's Day from Royal Family

Wasn't Minsu a cute little baby!

Now I would like to say that being a mother, brings all kinds of emotions. I never knew the amount emotions you would have from being a mom as I do now. I have 4 children of my own. So let me give you some insite of what us moms go through on a daily basis. This morning was a proud moment of being a mom. My children fixed me breakfast...

Honeycombs for breakfast, it was great! Then they gave me card...

Such a sweet card. Something I will cherish for all my days. But bring a mom also brings you the proud moments...

You have graduation, joining the military and being able to sing on stage. You also get the bonding moment....

Going on family trips, kpop concerts, state fairs and etc. But in all this you also have the sad moments, when you kids go away to college or move to another state due to a job. You have the scary moments when the hospital calls you that your child has been taken to the be ambulance from school. You also have those moments when you get angry with them for not doing the right thing or disobey something you say. You also have the happy moments when you see you child walk or talk for the first time. There are a ball of emotions you go through, but in the end if is all worth it. I would not trade being a mom for anything in the world! This is my biggest accomplishment.

So I would like for everyone to say thank you and hug your ummas, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, step-moms, mother-in-laws and adoptive moms. These women love you so much and even if there are times you done agree with them, just know they are doing it because they love. I want to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Sorry for making this card so long. Until next time stay Royal!


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