~IWKWLI~Chapter 13

Quick Chapter:

"Again on your laptop.You were on this morning.Gia.Put it away and do it when we get back.Screw their wedding plans."Amerie said sitting next to me on the floor. "I'm almost done." "Close it." Amerie closed my laptop and took it setting it on the other side of her. "What happened after talking to Jay.I noticed you completely wouldn't talk or acknowledge him." "Bad so forget him." "Uncle Gray!"

We heard Gio yell and we decided to leave the room seeing Gray saying hi to everyone.What is he doing here? "What brings you by?"Halmoeni asked. "We are actually starting our Korea tour here in Busan."Jay said standing next to them. Tour? "Hi Gray."I said getting a hug. "How you been Gia?" "So far so good.So what's this about a tour starting." "We have a concert in two days.You and Gio coming?" "Actually I didn't even know about it."I said looking at Jay. "Where are you staying?"Mom asked. "I have a hotel room just down the way." "Here eat something."Halmoeni said dragging him to the table. Halmoeni and Mom went to the kitchen grabbing the left overs from dinner and setting it up for Gray. "Come on G.Lets get ready for bed."I said. "I wanna stay up with uncle Gray and Appa." "Fine.Not too late.We have to get up early." "Ok Mommy."

~10am~ We've only been here for a couple of hours and the sun was getting hotter and hotter by the hour. The beach was for then most empty with exception of a few other families and couples just taking a stroll. But of course this won't last for long. We had to get here super early to get a spot. I wish I would've came later. It's too hot.

"Mommy.Look!"I looked towards Gio to see him with Jay and Yuna.He jumped into the wave.This child. "Awesome Love.Be careful though." "Ok Mommy." "He is going to hurt himself one of these days."Amerie said sitting next to me. "He is.Maybe I should put him in sports." "Here you go Gia."Gray said bringing me over a drink. "Thank you." I reached for the drink and made room for him to sit on the lounge chair. "I'm going to go see why my twins are up to."Amerie said getting up. "Umm. How long have Yuna and Jay been together?"I asked knowing I didn't want to know,but I need to. "I didn't meet her till we hosted the Halloween party.I think he said they were together like a couple months before." "So basically almost a year." "Yeah.Did you know about this before?" "I found out the day they announced their engagement." "Wait what?" "Yeah. They are getting married soon. I'm helping my mom plan their wedding." "That's crazy. You know what it's hot.Let's get in the water." "Ok." I got up following Gray towards the water near everyone else.Gio came over splashing water and we had an all out splash war. All my cousins joined in along withy uncle Dong Gook,Kook,and Amerie. "Food is ready!"Halmoeni yelled. We all got out of the water grabbing towels and getting our food. "So what's with you and Gray?" "Nothing." "Do you not see the way he is looking at you.Heres a chance to leave Chase and move on from Jay." "I mean he is gorgeous." "Get it G.The concert." "I'm hella mad for not knowing." "Maybe he was going to say something.I'm pretty sure he wants Gio to come." "Of course he does.You know what .New subject." "Plans for tonight.Since we babysat yesterday let's go out." "I'm down." "What's going on over here?"Jay asked coming over with Yuna and Gray. "Gia and I might go out tonight."Amerie said. "Can we come?"Yuna asked. "I don't see why not." "Are you coming?"I asked turning towards Gray. "Yeah." "Perfect."

"Amerie.I'm not having fun."I said finishing my drink. "You could be if you stop looking at Jay and Yuna.Go dance with Gray.Save him from all the fan girls.Kook is struggling. "Couple more shots?" "Fine.Can we get two double shots of tequila?" "Here You go." Amerie and I downed our shots and headed over towards Kook and Gray. "We came to save you!"I yelled over the music pulling Gray away. "Thank you!" "Let's go dance." I led him to the dance floor and began dancing. I was having fun but everywhere I looked I saw those two all hugged up on each other and giving kisses.I think I'm going to be sick. Gray noticed and pulled me off the floor and over to a booth in the corner. "Gia.Don't pay them any attention. He messed up.Picking her over you." "No.I did,but I tried to talk to him about it." "No.At least you tried. Tonight let's not worry about them and just focus on having fun.You and me."He said grabbing my hand. "You're right." "Now let's go back to dancing Beautiful." "Led the way." Once we headed back to the dance floor a somewhat slow song came on and he just brought me super close to his body as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I don't know if it's the alcohol kicking in but I have this uncontrollable urge to just taste his lips. I felt Gray place his hand behind my neck pulling my face closer to his. I'm guessing he feeling the same way. Next thing I felt his lips touch mine. I think I'm in heaven. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋@MarrickeJ33@BBxGD @xroyalreisx@LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯@BBxGD@royalpandajedi@PrettieeEmm@MelissaGarza@Starbell808@MaelstromVIP@SashaKmseoul@FromBlue2U@Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @LiyahBoon@AlenaSegura@Airess95@Caky@EvilGenius@IsoldaPazo@JohnEvans@SimplyAwkward@Tabili@VeronicaArtino Tag List!@EvilGenius@LizaNightshade@BrianaSmalls@AimeeH@kpopandkimchi@shellyfuentes70@megancurrent9 @Sailynn@BekiKunstman@Annaharris1989@AraceliJimenez@catchyacrayon@PassTheSuga@JamiMilsap@MissT615@LinnyOk@resavalencia@3SecondsOfHope@petname83@VatcheeAfandi99@RebeccaLondon @twistedlove@amobigbang@lovetop@Ambie@LysetteMartinez@sarahdarwish@MelissaGarza@SatinSkies@MzDawson31508@luna1171@lilbr0wneyes@jessicaacosta90@katyng52@exolover101@yaya12@BreeMassey@Starbell808@FromBlue2U@TiffanyDixon@chenisbaekasy@tiffany1922@YviLole15@QueenPandaBunny

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