Minsu Monday

Hello Royal Family! It's Suki here with Minsu Monday! Our theme for this week are scenarios on how we met our bias. So let's see how to meet Minsu.

At the University campus and walking down the hall to go get a drink to help you wake up. On the way to the drink machine, you see Minsu there drinking is soda. He is in front of the machine, but you don's want to distrub him drinking. He looks at you and says sorry, let me buy you a drink. After then you and him have been talking everyday.

You are called in to be an extra for a photo shot. You are so excited. You get dressed and run to catch a cab to go to the studio. You wounder who you will be doing a photos shot with. You think of all these people you want to do a photo shot and you think how great it would be to do a photo shot with Minsu. You get to the studio and run in and much to your surprise it is Minsu. The photographer takes you to him and introduce you to him. You smile and say nice to meet you.

You go to a the mall and you wonder why are the people have gathered around the center of the mall. You go to look and you see Boys Republic. You are so excited. You join the crowd to see what is going on. You here the announcer say that there is one lucky person who will get to come and dance with them. You turn to walk away, since you don't think you would be picked. Then you hear Minsu shout, "You that is leaving I choose you." You turn to much surprise and he is pointing to you.

I hope you enjoyed your meeting with Minsu. Until next time stay Royal!



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