The Real OTP Challenge

So when I think of certain groups, I immediately think of the most popular OTPS.

GOT7, immidiately think Markson. Infinite, Mungyeol or Sunggyu/Woohyun.

Some OTPs are so real that the groups play up on them to an insane level *cough* TVXQ *cough*

they literally made a drama just to play up the jaejoong yunho thing

But there are some groups that don' have an OTP that comes to mind, maybe because I'm not super into that fandom, or maybe because there are so many pairings.

I want to start taking some votes to see Vingle's realy OTPs for each group ;)

One group that is always an enigma to me is BTS.

Is it Vkook? Whatever you call Suga/Jhope lol? I want to know what the most popular is!

Now, you don't have to vote your FAVORITE. Just what you think is the most POPULAR. You can add in your favorite too if you want ;)

Happy voting!

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