Bangtan Hustle Life Part 2 (+19)

Kardi and I went to the bank to deposit some money and withdraw some. I needed to finish paying for my cosmetology classes. Kardi was joking about Namjoon's explosion. I was laughing too.

As I seen the amount in my account I alomst choked.

"Chica what's up? Why u look like that? If you don't have enough I can spot you." Kardi said

"Naw...last night I did well brought home about 3,000. Do you know if our boss gives out our account numbers?"

"Why?" Kardi looked as confused as me.

"Someone deposited 14,000 to my account."

"Give take it shit. I thought you were broke."

I wish I could be cool like my sister. She be using these dudes for money. Her whole philosophy is women really rule yhe world and more would of they knew how much they were worth. All men low key have the same addiction and that's the woman. Well straight men.

I took whatever I needed and went to wirk in the hair store after stopping by Auntie Sue the Asian lady who I told you about. I just gave her some cash juat in case she needed it. Our salon does sew ins too. Our manager Heejin allowed me to do some even though low key I didn't have my license yet. The store was packed between me making sales on hair and doing hair. The holidays was coming this weekend. July the 4th. We were cracking jokes when someone asked for me upfront. I went up front thinking it was a customer. There was a guy who was with Namjoon's squad last night. His name is Jimin. He had a big smile on his face.

"Yeah..Jessamine is that you?" Jimin asked.

"How you know my real name Jimin? What do you want?" I asked in a nervous tone.

"Well you know my name. It would only be fair if I knew your name." He paused and smiled. "Yeah Namjoon wanted me to give you this." Jimin handed me a black chanel box with a pink bow.

He then left before I could say anything. I walked to the back and opened the box. It was a cute black bag. I was surprised how he knew my style.

I opened it and there was a letter inside.

Meet me in the Maple Park tonight after you get off of work. I hope you liked this gift and that deposit in your account. NK

I thought I was gonna faint. I'm not used to getting gifts from anyone. I could not accept any of this. I work for what is mine so noone can hold it over my head. Yass the money was needed and this purse is dope but what do I look like accepting these expensive items.

"Are you okay child?" Mrs. Heejin asked.

"Yes I'm fine." I said.

I called my sister after work to let her know what was up. She told me to stop stressing and take his gifts. She said she would be near the park looking out for me. As I parked my car I seen a black Escalade with silver rims in the lot. I dusted off my fitted light wash denim shorts and my pink fitted tee. I made sure my shoes pink pumas were not covered in hair.

I grabned the purse and walked over to a bench. I sat for 2 minutes and I felt someome walk up behind me.

It was Namjoon in Black jeans, some sick Gucci shoes, and a black tee. I'm used to seeing him in a fitted sexy suit. He had two snow cones in his hands. He handed me one.

"I got cherry. I figured to keep it basic." Namjoon said.

I accepted the snow cone. It looked so good and it was hot even as the sun was setting.

"Look thanks for the gifts. But I cant accept it. Namjoon." I handed him the purse with 14 grand in the box it came in.

"It was for you Jessamine. Please keep it. Besides it is not safe for you ti be running these streets with that kind of cash on you."

Namjoon began licking his snow cone. That tongue of his flicking and the juices running on the plump lips. I curssed myself as I felt my inside tighten. Wishing low key I was the snow cone. Damn why does he have to so sexy.

"I'm not the one to accept ramdom gifts from some dude. I'm not like that. So just take it."

"I'm not the type to take back my gifts Jessamine so you just take it." He looked deep into my eyes.

A of shaved ice was dripping from his lips. I used my thumb to wipe it off. I curssed at myself again. He smiled.

"Thanks, besides I like you." He said.

"Naw you like how I shake my ass Namjoon. You don't even know me."

"You know that guy uoi have been talking to online for about a year...Mr King69? That's me."

"Get the fuck out of here! That's you?!" I almost dropped my snow cone.

"Yep and I remember you promised that og we could meet in person you would be my girl. Well I'm here to claim what is mine." Namjoon said in a husky voice.

" really don't know what to say. I would never thought the guy I was talking to would be next in line to have control over all the Kotean gangs here."

"Actually all the Korean gangs worldwide but I'm not bragging. I need someone like you as my lady. Even you being so determine to give me back those gifts made me want you more."

"I'm not the one to be bought and..."

Namjoon grabbed my face and gave me a deep kiss.

"Like I said I'm here to claim what is mine."

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