Chapter 6: Time to Travel part 2

"I feel guilty of putting you in such a wierd and awakerd situation, I love EXO so much and just thinking about what I have made you guys suffer in the last 24 hours makes me want to shot my self" you mutter as you sat back down.

Chen and Suho just sat in silence for the next couple of minutes then Chen spoked up " You know if you apologies for seeing me naked then I also need to apologies to you. I woke up in your body and I am so used to traveling that I assumed we had already arrivel at the next localtion. So I got up and i headed for the bathroom and as i set everything up to take a shower I felt different and it was not until i was under the water that i realized. Hey this is not my body, and this is a girls body."

"Does that mean you saw everything?" Y/N asked in a shaky voice.

Chen turn around in his sit and made eye contact with Y/N and nodded. Then he grin and turn back around as you melted in your sit in the back.


"Do not worry, I did not do anything weirder than what already was going on," He commented.

"Wait, that means you could of done anything!" Y/N yelled "What is going on is super out of this world weird..."

Chen turn back around to your horrified face with the color draining from it has time keep passing.

"You really do like to panic do not you?" He commented again "I did not do anything that I should of. " then he turnt to Suho and said " You know it is super easy to explain myself to her when she is inside of Chanyeol's body."

He looked at you throug the mirror and smiled at you to reassure you everything was okay.

" I hope you really do not feel like a violated your personal space out of want though...." You said againg.

"Do not worry, it is fine i have taken a shower with most of the guys at the dorm so i am used to it." Chen yelled at you as he got his phone from his pocket to check the time. "Suho, my flight was supposed to be landing in the main terminal so let us disguised yourselves. We do not need EXO-L thinking we are here to pick up someone's girlfriend."

You looked up as Suho finished parking then grab the bag he brough with him and pulled out white t-shirts, hoodies, hats, face masks, and glasses. He handed you some of everything and then he and Chen also geared up to head out. As you three headed out and tried to be as less noticedable as possible you grab the back of Chen's shirt. You hand never really been at an airport by yourself before. Yesterday the staff and the annoying manager help you head to the van without really knowing where you were going. Today you were completely blinde and lose so automatically you reached for Chen's shirt as support. Chen was a little suprised by this action and was going to slap Chanyeol's hand away, but he remember that it was Y/N inside and he saw the worry look in his/ her? face. The group headed for the airport landing spot and were they could see Y/N when she got off the plane. There was no celebraty schedule to land so there was no fans around to worry about or paparazzi. As they stood there waiting they were getting worry when groups of people got off the plane and less and less people got out, there was not Y/N aournd.

"Maybe she got lose?" asked Suho, he had no idea what she looked liked so he was hoping Chen or Chanyeol would speak up soon.

"Oh there she is!!!" Yelled Chen pointing at a small petite girl around 5'2 in a cute dresses. She looked so small and confused.

You could not believe your eyes, this is what you looked like to others? Also why were you wearing a dress? Did i always have that confused look in my eyes? your head was spinning with questions when you made eye contact with her.

"Y/N..." Chen half whisper half yelled "Over here..." She headed your way with some determination in her eyes now.

" WOW... This is what Y/N really look's like?" Suho asked a little suprised.

"We can talk later right now let's head for the car." Chanyeol answer from inside your body.

As you guys headed for the car you could not stop looking at the girl in front of you. This was 100% you, but you looked so different and cute? No! this was getting creepy, the girl was struggling with two suitcases as she walked.

"Chen, why the hell did you pack so much stuff!" Chanyeol yelled at Chen as he/she struggle along to keep up with the guys.

"I sorry i had no idea what she may need, I was not used to being a girl, also you told me to grab anything suspicious in the house." Chen answer as he grab one of the suitcases from her hand.

"Still did you pack the whole house here!" She yelled as she pulled the other suitcase.

"Do not want me to help you?" you asked, as you grab the other suitcase from her small hand.

Chanyeol looked at you with a glimmer in his/her eyes."I never realized how handsome i look to other people" he said after a couple of minutes. Suho hit him in the back of his head and lead the way to his car.

"You really do love yourself a little too much." he told Chanyeol and open the hood to his car " Here put Y/N's things here. I will start the car." he jump to the front of the car and started it. You headed for the back sit with Chanyeol next to you.

After a couple of minutes of driving in silence Chanyeol turn around and looked at you and said," Do you want to take a shower together?"


Chen started to shock in his own saliva, Suho put the brakes in car hard, there was no one around since it was the early morning so you guys were safe.

"WHAT THE HELL CHANYEOL?!?!?!?!?" Screamed Suho from the front.

"Sorry i just realized that i can see myself naked now." Chanyeol said inside the body of a small girl with the goofies smile ever.

You though this is going to be a long ride home as you closed your eyes and let the guys argue about how inappropriate Chanyeol was being.


I am so sorry this took longer then expected to write out, finales are finally here in college and i was trying to finish the last few papers, and the last few things to study before the last class of this quarter. well engoy guys i will try to update as much as possible and remember if you want ot be tag or removed from the list just comment it in the comments below. Thank You for the support I love YOu GUYS!!!!!







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