Never Thought I'd Actually Do This...


So uh... maybe this is pointless, because I uh... love pretty much EVERY member of EVERY group I stan EVERY time. But technically, TECHNICALLY ... I do have biases.

So this is what this is, this card is... my bias list.

Let's start off with my first kpop group ever - aka my ultimate group: Big Bang.

First Bias:

Yep... none other than T.O.P., back then I had ALWAYS picked the rappers. Lately that pattern has been broken. I'll always love you as much as any other Big Bang member, T.O.P. I promise!

Current Bias:

*chokes* Yes, uh, hi! Hi, Seungri! I ... I know you're handsome, and awesome, and slightly evil - but could I um... breathe... a little? I just need some space to uh... breathe. *squeaks* No? Ok.

Now for the second group I've ever loved! B.A.P. OR Best Absolute Perfect - as fitting as the name is!

First Bias:

헐! HI! GOD. CAN ANY OF YOU LET ME LIVE WITHOUT THESE FREAKIN COUCHES!? But yes... Bang Yongguk. One of the sexiest men alive to this day. *cries*

Current Bias(es):

Youngjae wasn't able to steal my heart completely. Yongguk kept his spot, but he does have to share it now. YOU SLY FOX!

Now... I love all groups equally, but there are some I'm just more involved with than others. I'm sure you were all expecting this, it's BTS.

First Bias:

Now... he's actually pretty special. He's not really my bias of BTS anymore, but that's because he is so much more. He's my role model. In fact, Rap Monster ... or Kim Namjoon, as I often call him, is the only idol I would ever consider being romantically involved with. That's not to say the others aren't worthy or something, it's just that this man is my ideal type down to the T. I joke a lot, and I show my attraction to idols - but this man is the only one I've ever stayed up thinking about and maybe getting a little sad thinking... "I can never be with him, and I don't think I'll ever find anyone like him." Yeah? But that's okay! Life is good, friends.

Current Bias (Ultimate Bias):

Um... let me say, this one hit like a train. *Spring Day?* I had always loved Jimin, as much as any other member, but he hadn't like taken my soul or anything. Then one day, he just did. He tore my heart out of its place and said he'd keep it for a while and I just said "yes, okay". My friends... they all know if I'm ever talking about some amazing boy that made me cry last night, it's Jimin. They give me Jimin merchandise, they send me photos of him. Because when I'm down, he will always make me smile. This boy, this man - because he has grown so much, is so strong and hardworking and beautiful. He's another role model, and he is my strength. I love him, genuinely love him. I am not IN love with him. I would not want to date him. I would just want him to know that he is amazing and he is reaching goals and passing limits... and I would ask him to always love himself.

(I'm actually literally crying a little, I'm very emotional over this card honestly.)

Next group: Block B! I actually became mod support for Taeil this quarter, and it's been very fun so far! Ironically... Taeil actually isn't my bias and has never been my bias. (BUT AGAIN I LOVE ALL THE MEMBERS EQUALLY! THEY ALL HAVE CHARMS.)

First Bias:

Let me explain a few things about this one.

1. Rapper. But I don't think you understand, he's my FAVORITE idol rapper. His flow, his swag, his lyrics, his attitude? I ... I'm constantly in awe and cheering for it.

2. Some of you might disagree, and that's fine! Please do if you wish. Just don't harass me about it. When I first started watching Block B things... I noticed Zico is very comfortable with males, romantically. Now! That might be fanservice, that might be him being confident in his heterosexuality so anything with males doesn't mean a thing. Anything and everything is fine. It isn't actually any of my business. But... as a bisexual person who struggles with her sexuality because of outside adversity or internal conflict... I feel less alone when finding people that at least make me feel like what I want to achieve with my own sexuality. Zico does that.

3. He's intense, serious, and oh so silly all at the same time. That speaks to all of Block B, but it shows in him especially. I love his personality so so much. Now that being said... he's not my bias anymore. Who is?

Current Bias:

... yeah. One thing in particular made me think "This boy is my bias." and that's my experience with Hit the Stage. I saw how hard he worked, how much he wanted it, and how... happy he was. He was just so happy for people to recognize him as a dancer of Block B. He felt he wasn't really known before that. His Joker performance was amazing, but so was every other one. Other than that... I just really like his visuals. He looks kinda like a cat, and I think that's pretty awesome. His personality also reminds me of a cat, like yeah he'll play with you sometimes but he has claws too and he's actually pretty quiet. UKwon is my bias now. ;;

This card is going to be so long, oh my god.

This next group... I probably would have never gotten so into if it wasn't for my best friend and straight gay lover: @CosmicCassidy. That's right, Seventeen!

First Bias:

If I'm honest, I didn't really have a bias for Seventeen for a really long time because... 13 boys and they're all freaking amazing? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE!? (Love all of them. Always. Forever.) But Woozi caught my eye around the time I saw Q&A. I loved his attitude. He did remind me of Suga, but he's also his own person and I loved his personality. Also... he's freaking adorable. Though he can be sexy just as well. Give it up for Woozi.

Current Bias:

SEUNGKWAN! He's one of those idols that makes me squeal whenever I see him. He's so freaking cute. He's a squishy, sassy baby! I LOVE IT. Also, he just has a dynamic I haven't seen in groups often - and that is, being completely aware of who he is and being comfortable in it. I noticed him most around the time I started watching One Fine Day and haven't been able to stop squealing since.

There's A LOT more groups and a lot more biases to go with them, but this card is rather long. If you guys want a Part 2, let me know. I'll probably make one anyway whether you want it or not, just for funsies. But tell me if you'd like to be tagged in the next part?

These 5 groups are my Top Five you could say. I keep up with them, I watch their stuff often, and I feel most connected. But I like a lot of groups... it's a hard knock life for us, huh?


Until next time, muah!

(If you were wondering why Gong Yoo introduced and ended the card, I finished Goblin recently and I'm obsessed with him and Lee Dong Wook.)

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