Gong Yoo′s Dedication to ′Big′ Praised by Staff

Behind-the-scenes images of Gong Yoo on set as he goes over his lines are getting female fans dreamy-eyed. With Big being Gong Yoo′s first television drama in five years, the actor is making every effort to perfect his scenes. In different images released by KBS, Gong Yoo is seen on set for Big, making sure to read, study and go over his script in every free moment. A drama production source praised Gong Yoo’s work ethic on set saying, “Gong Yoo’s ability to focus is really astounding. Though there is a lot of shooting done through the night and outside, Gong Yoo shows no sign of weariness and can frequently be seen engrossed in his script.” src: enewsworld

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