The natural rule

If u want to control upon someone, give respect him first. If u want to make people believe in u, show them how much u believe in them. Never judge a people but give advice and try to make them to understand what u want to talk about on them. Speak gentle...and low your voice even though u get anger with them. Sometimes u will think life is not fair for u. But u know we all have the different reasons that life gave us since we were born. gave us the only two rules to understand while we alive. Sometimes u will get first but it takes a long time to get first. Sometimes u don't have to wait a long time but u will get last. Life is fair. Take a look this we know, the earth is circling the sun as a center in the universe. While it's circling the sun, it faces light and darkness turn by turn. So life does. We assumed that we are the sun. life is revolving us but sometimes we see problems and sometimes we see happiness. The natural rule is fair but if we don't understand this rule, u will still think life is not fair.

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