😂Random BTS Scenarios: Jikook Edition😂


I've Claimed Myself To Be A Vmin & Jikook Enthusiast

Yet I Haven't Written A Single Card Of Scenarios Of Only Them... So This One Will Be Slightly Longer Than The Others :)

I don't ship them anymore, but I'll write vkook scenarios again soon~




Jimin, Nervously: "Shit... Jungkook's Coming This Way.."

Jimin, thinking: "Ok... Just Act Natural-

Jungkook: "Hey... Um Hyung?"

Jimin: "Yeah?"

Jungkook: "What Are You Doing....?"

Jimin: "Just Chillin', Why?"



Jungkook: *Breathes*

Jimin: "I Love You So Much"

Jungkook: "What?"

Jimin: "Let's Get Married"

Jungkook: "....."

Jimin: "takE MY KEYS-"



[Jungkook Pins Jimin Up To A Wall]

Jimin, Blushing: "...Wh- What Are You Doing....?"

Jungkook, Seductively: "You, Me..."

Jimin: "What??"

Jungkook, Licks Lips: "...& A Table Full Of Lamb Skewers"



Jungkook: "I Love You~"

Jimin: "I Love You More~"

Jungkook: "I'm Sure I Love You More~"

Jimin: "But I Love Much More" >.<

Yoongi: "To Make It Equal, I Hate Y'all Just The Same.."



Jimin, Nervously: "Bro, I'm Scared..."

Jungkook: "Relax, He's Not Even Here"

Jimin: "You Always Say That, Before He Appears From Thin Air"

Jungkook: "Just Trust Me"

[Holds Hands]

Jin: "Y'all Need Anything......?"

A/N: I can't get enough of mama Jin xD



Jimin, on the phone: "Jungkook Help Me, I'm Dying!!"

Jungkook, gasps: "What Happened?!"

Jimin: "I Don't Know, But I Need Mouth To Mouth... That's The Only Way I'll Live"


Jungkook: "... Desperate Much..."

Jimin: "....Just Shut Up & Get Over Here..."



[Jikook Arguing]

Jimin: "You Can Be A Real Pain In The Ass Sometimes"

Jungkook: "Same Goes For You"

Jimin: " & You Know What, I Have A Confession To Make!"

Jungkook: "I'm Waiting..."

Jimin, takes deep breath: "You Suck At Overwatch"

Jungkook: *Jungshooked. mp4* "... You Take That Back"



Jungkook: "You Cold? I Can Give You My Jacket"

Jimin: "N- No....I'm Not Cold I Swear"

Narrator: "Jimin Lies, Knowing That He's Freezing As He Continues To Shiver"


Jimin: "I- I Swear I'm Not-"

[Jungkook​ Throws His Jacket At Him]



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