Suzy’s First Appearance on ‘Big’ Raises Ratings

Suzy has shown the power of the ‘Suzy Effect’. According to results from the AGB Nielsen Media Research on June 12, the previous night’s third episode of the KBS drama Big lodged a 8.4 percent viewership rating, a full point gain from last week’s 7.4 percent rating. While Big’s rating wasn’t nearly close enough to topple the first place winner, MBC’s Light and Shadows at 18.7 percent, Light and Shadows still saw its ratings take a 2.6 percent tumble from the previous week. Though not proven, many are wondering if the rise in Big’s rating for the night was due to the first emergence of Suzy and her quirky stalker character, Jang Mi Ra, which has been much anticipated by viewers since the initial announcement of her casting. Suzy’s first appearance in the drama was also met with favorable critical response with many praising her acting, especially in the scene where she sobbed at Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho)’s bedside after discovering her crush had been in a severe car accident. All eyes will be on the next episode of Big, set to air on June 12, to see if the so-called ‘Suzy Effect’ will prove to be the real deal in the show’s ratings. src: enewsworld

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