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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Royal Spotlight! It's time again to announce our new Royal Spotlight member! Who can it be this week? Let's find out...

It's no other then@SerenaArthurs! Congratulations on being Boys Republic Royal Spotlight member! Thank you for supporting us and the boys. We hope you are enjoying our cards.

As our new Royal Spotlight member, you get a prize! You get to chose between 2 options for your prize.

Option 1

A card dedicated to you with a choice of bias spam, bias wallpapers, bias slideshow video or bias one shot

Option 2

We can declared a day just for your bias. The Royal squad would only do cards of your bias on that day.

Congratulations again@SerenaArthurs! Please comment on which prize option you prefer.

Who will be our next Royal Spotlight member? It could be you. It's really easy to be Boys Republic Royal Spotlight member. All you have to do is like, clip and most importantly comment in all of Boys Republic cards. What really helps make you look good to us? It's participating in our games, challenges and events.

Talking about events, There is one going on right now. The multi-communitues Spring themed Event. The deadline is May 21st. It's not too late to enter. You can enter a fan fiction, fan art or even a poem. We are looking forward to seeing all your Boys Republic entries ; )


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