Jpop Break ~ MeseMoa

Hey everyone!!

For this week's Jpop Break we are taking a look at a group that has caused quite a stir with their recent mv - MeseMoa.

MeseMoa is a nine member Japanese boy group that has a rather interesting past. They actually started out as an eleven member dance cover group in 2012. They then decided to produce their own music, and in March of 2013 they released their first original song. In February 2017 they changed their name to MeseMoa from their original name of Musumen.

They have released nine singles and four albums, but it is their most recent song, Shadow Kiss, that has caused quite a stir. This is because in the music video the members take turns kissing each other. Often Kpop idols give fan service and act as though they will kiss - these guys take it to a whole new level. As can be expected, some people love this and others hate it.

Current members:

• Shirofuku

• Aoi

• Kimagure Prince

• Nozakibento

• Nibansenji

• Tomitake

• Forgeru

• Nokkuso

• Nichan

Former members:

• K'suke

• Asupara

• Zeararu

Honey Bee

Shadow Kiss

So what do you guys think? I'm really curious what your opinions are of not just the group, but the Shadow Kiss video as well. I personally love their songs - they are very catchy, and I do like the video. I read somewhere that if you take all the kissing in the video and average it out, a kiss happens every 6 seconds, lol.



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