R.I.P Chris Cornell

I have been in mourning for the last two days. A great musician, artist. Words can't describe just how brilliant this man was. I wasn't heavily into the grunge scene back in the day but I loved the music. Most of you here are probably too young to have known him, or may know of his time as the lead singer of Audioslave. I highly recommend listening to his music. Everything from Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog, and his solo music. His voice... beyond stellar. His songwriting was deep, just listen to "Like A Stone"

Layne was sitting on a porch, singing when off in the distance he sees a tall figure coming across the field. It was a man he had not seen in two decades. He jumps off the porch, walks across the field to meet him halfway. "Chris, when the hell did you get here?". Chris smiles, his cold blue eyes shining bright as he gazed upon his old friend, "Just now. How have you been man?" They walk off together, catching up and to go see the others.

R.I.P Chris Cornell

Soundgarden "Burden In My Hands"

Audioslave "Like A Stone"

Chris Cornell "Preaching The End Of The World"

Temple Of The Dog "Hunger Strike"

Alice In Chains (Alice Mudgarden) "Right Turn" A collaboration between Layne Staley & Jerry Cantrell (AIC), Chris Cornell (SG), & Mark Arm (Mudhoney).

Even my sister knew what this guy meant to me

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