Topp Dogg Poem ~Spring Event~

Hello everyone!!

So I had been planning to enter a ton of entries to this event, but I didn't realize how much motivation I would be missing as I'm trying to finish my school year up.

Yet, I still worked hard to at least get some entries out there, so here is my first entry which is a poem for Topp Dogg!!!!

Please enjoy~


The sky is crying,

And the storm clouds are roaming.

Yet the music is still booming,

Louder than thunder,

Even a rainy day soaked with tears can’t stop them.

The sky is crying,

But they’re the ones shooting lightning.

They’re throwing swords while you’re still sleeping in cots,

Even silk turns to stone when they’re the ones singing.

So scream arario because nothing can stop them.

The sky is crying,

Yet they’re still roaring.

Their feet are pounding and the earth is shaking.

You might find them ignorant,

But their voices are swift, and the beat is powerful.

The sky is crying,

But not for long.

Soon, even the sun will join in on the fun.

Because their thunder is mesmerizing, and lightning is addictive.

They’re screaming “Follow me,” and you better be listening.

The sky is crying,

No, it’s singing and dancing

To the rhythm to the vigorous rain.

So instead of being sad about something you can never change,

Shed only tears of happiness as you get drenched in an unforgettable moment.

The sky is cheering,

And the clouds are running rampant.

The wolves are howling,

And the kings have been crowned.

Spell their names out for me

Because they are Topp Dogg.

*This poem is entirely written by me, so please don't steal any of it and say that it's yours or something. I don't know, give credit to me and stuff? xP*


Uhhhh yeah, so that's my poem cx It's called "Topp Dogg" annnnnnnd there's nothing really else to say about that cX

Look forward to my other entries and ya, I hope you like them ^-^

~From your certified, professional pervert~

(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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Your certified, professional pervert. (I swear, I have a degree C;)
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