Physicists at Brigham Young University to Unveil Study on Urinal Splashback

The 4 colleagues are calling themselves the "wiz-kids". They've been studying the fluid dynamics of splashback in order to determine the optimal place for men to pee in urinals to minimize such splashback. "To better understand the problem, the team at BYU set up a water tank and nozzles (emitting colored water) to mimic the natural flow of human urine as it leaves the body. They then filmed the action using high-speed cameras. Scrutiny of the video allowed the team to clearly see which sorts of techniques cause the most, or least splash-back. They also set up another tank to mimic sitting on a toilet to pee, rather than standing at a urinal." Finally a team of brave men tackling real issues. If only more brilliant minds were devoted to practical work like this instead of the stupid esoteric nonsense most of academia concerns itself with

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