Uh, Can iKon Get In Trouble For This?

I know in America it won't be a big deal, but Korea is known for being CRAZY strict on drug laws...

So I just watched iKon's new MV and something popped out at me. I know it isn't a big deal in the States to show or allude to drug use, but in Korea MVs have been banned for even pretending to have alcohol so I worry.

I also thought it was HELLA clever and got a good laugh out of it though (just hope it doesnt come back to bite them!)

Basically, there is a scene where they are making a popular traditional Korean snack that is basically just burnt sugar. But the way they are making it, and the way they set the scene it looks an awwwwwwwful lot like cocaine (the sugar) and that they're melting a drug to inject it (you can do this with heroin or really any drug)

You might think 'no no they didnt mean that' but i mean, it looks pretty intentional - and again they could (and probably were) just doing this to be funny cause the contrast between cocaine and this traditional cookie IS pretty hilarious.

I just hope the Korean broadcasting service doesnt see it and get pissed, hopefully they wont get the reference ;)

It starts at 2:19:

Is it just me? Just the fact that I don't often think about drugs but thats immediately what came to mind when I saw that scene is what makes me worried for them :/

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