Perfume pagoda – Where the history recorded

Perfume pagoda

We all know that Vietnam is a country that really respects traditions and rites, and Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in Vietnam. So it can’t be a real Vietnam Tour if we skip the ancient pagodas and temples, one of them is Perfume pagoda.

Don’t think that you will only get the old, boring things while traveling to Perfume pagoda! Each story here can make you go from a curiosity to another curiosity.

Way to get to the Perfume pagoda

rowing boats


Perfume pagoda is always considered as one of the most efficacious places in Vietnam.

The uphill trip takes an hour climbing on the ancient flat and sometime slippery stones, which have been here thousand years ago. The road is “breathtaking” in all aspects – you will have some exercise, and at the same time have chance to take some stops to contemplate beautiful scenery and daily life of local farmers, who plant cassava and apricots in the valleys, who run quickly on the slippery stone with their burdens of tapioca, apricots or medicinal herbs whilst you are careful with your steps. The main pagoda is set in a huge grotto containing a highly decorative shrine. Each stalactite and stalagmite inside, which are soaked by undercurrent, is combined with a legend about its miracle and good luck. Most of them became small shrines by now. Remember that the stone grotto is huge and very cool, so stop for a while at the entrance to dry your sweat before coming in.

January to early April

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