Idols with Talents You Almost Didn't Want to Know About

Idols are full of many talents, but sometimes they just make you go" did I just see?"


1. 2PM Junho's Powerful Butt

Yes, that is a man snapping an insane amount (20) of wooden chopsticks with his butt cheeks. Yes, it was televised, and yes, you will not be able to erase this image from your mind.


2. EXID Hyerin's Impersonation

She's gorgeous, her voice is stunning, and she can make herself look like Voldemort. Talk about a perfect human being ;)


3. BTS Jin's Magic Toes

Who needs hands when you have two perfectly good big toes to use?! Jin can do a lot with his toes, from removing tights (but why was he wearing tights...) to opening snacks.


4. Twice Sana's Mario Cart

Speaking of Jin, we have another Mario fan, Sana. I just want to know how she found out she could do this.

5. Boys Republic Sungjun's Fingers

Unfortunately I can't find video, but this image is from their 2015 weekly idol show (could only find part one of three...)

Can you think of anyone else? Do you have weird talents?!

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