And the winner is....

JY: "I dont think they're ready for this..."

JB: "Should we spam them first?"

*looks at eachother*

Both: "DEAL!"

JY: "Can we tell them now?"

JB: "Yeah go ahead..."

And the winner is...

JY: "Omo... its me isnt it?! I dont know what to say!"

*pulls out paper*

JY: "I'd like to thank..."

*takes mic*

SZ: "Boy... what the heck are you doin? Let the professional handle this.." *pops collar* "OMO!" *waves at JB* "Hey Jaebum Oppa!"

*clears throat*

SZ: "Anywho the winner is-"

*Confetti canon goes off*


JY: "I knew it was me!"

SZ: "BOY! Sit your butt down!!"

So help me imma kill this boi...

JB: "Sorry about him... want a rose?"

SZ: "Um- Oh...Kayyyyy..."

*takes rose*

mentally, physically, emotionally... dies inside... LIKE OMG! *cries in corner*


But for real tho...

Our 1st place winner is....


@sukkyongwanser Congrats! You will be getting a JJP poster, 2 shirts, JJP/ Got7 photos AND the JJP Bounce Mini album


Dont worry@KenyaMendoza you will be getting a prize too! You will be getting 3 got7 posters, got7 stickers, a pack of got7 mini post cards AND a personalized JJP photo book!

Thank you guys for entering!!! Dont forget to DM me your full names and shipping addresses ASAP! That way I can get those prizes to you ASAP!!

Thanks Again!!

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