Why Jo Kwon Never Dated

On the March 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon revealed the reason behind why he never dated during his 8 long years as a trainee. The singer visited where junior trainees were gathered and gave them advice based on his experience as a trainee. “I had never dated during my 8 years of trainee days,” he said. “In fact, seeds of love start to sprout during trainee days. There was this one girl during my trainee days who had feelings for me, but I told her ‘we shouldn’t be like this. We’re about to debut soon. You stepped foot in here because your dream was to become a singer, just like I did. But if we date and end up getting caught, what do you think will happen?‘” Jo Kwon then began reminiscing about the time when he debuted saying, “I’m very realistic. I never really had interest in dating, and only had thoughts of wanting to debut quickly. Once I debuted under 2AM after 8 long years and appeared on stage, that’s when I heard the cheers coming to us from so many people. The feeling you get at that moment is something I can’t describe in words.”

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