CNBlue Tuesday Game Results

Hello, it is Suki here with the results for CNBlue Tuesday game day! Let's see what summer vacation you will have. Let's reveal....

If your choice was Jong-hyun, you will a summer at Disneyland. You will stay the Disney resort hotel. You will ride rides, watch shows, get to take pictures with Mickey aand his friends. You will have a fun dinner on the Disney Cruise ship! What a fantastic summer vacation.

Now to real the the next member. I am excited!

If you chose Min-hyuk you will have a romantic summer in Paris. You will stay at a wonderful hotel with a great swimming pool. You will spend the day at the spa. You and Min-hyuk will have a couple package getting a massage and pampered for the day. In the evening you will go the the Effiel Tower and see the lights. You will have a romantic dinner on the balcony looking out at the water with a great view. What a romantic summer!

Now the next member is.....Who could it be?

If you chose Jung-shin, you will have a summer vacation in Africa. You will go on an African Safari tour and see the animals of the wild. You would stay a luxuary hotel where elephants walk be your window. Imagine seeing that in the morning when you wake up! That would be so exciting! You would have a dinner watching the animals as the sunset on the grounds of your safari. This is such a great summer! Now the final member!

So if you chose the leader Yong-hwa, you will have a romantic summer in Italy! You both will stay at a luxury hotel with a beach on the grounds. You will tour the city in a gondola just the two of you. You leaning on his shoulder. And having a magical day. You will have a romantic dinner on the beach and watch the fireworks! What a fantanstic summer.

Well this is all I have. I hope you enjoyed your summer! See you next Tuesday!

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