Birthday Surprise part 3

Hello Jaywalkers! Its Melissa with my part of Cha Cha's Birthday Surprise! I hope I do okay as the rest of the squad.

Last time on Birthday Surprise

a lot.a lot.

Chase liked surprises but last time the guys threw him a suprise someone was too close to him and he swung off instinct and by someone I mean you. So you'd just have to remember that for this time. Then there was a theme, it couldn't be anything lame but you asked Jay to come and help you get one that was good. He suggested strippers and you smacked him upside the head.

"Yah! This isn't for you this is for Cha Cha!" You yelled at him.

He chuckled,

"I know that's why I suggested it."

You glared at him.

"Oh come on, it would be cool. His girlfriend is okay with him getting a lap dance. I mean it's what happens at bachelor parties."

"Jay I said no. Look I want AOMG parties to be different from Cha Cha's birthday celebration okay, it has to be something special. Something to erase the disaster his birthday was last year."

"Yeah that was pretty bad." He laughed.

"I will hit you over the head with a frying pan." you threatend him.

He laughed,

"Okay look. I've got a good idea that I think even you would agree to." he said.

He leaned over and whispered in your ear about all the things that you could do for Cha Cha. Some were beautifully creative for all the guest that would be there and the last half was so dirty you kind of felt like you had cheated on Cha cha just by listening to Jay's filthy suggestion. Still, he might like all of those things. So you agreed to all of them.


"Surprise!" you hear everyone yell followed by lots of laughing. You smile as you take in his appearance. He looks genuinely happy and surprised to see everyone you think to yourself. You could only hoped that he loves your special surprise just as much!

" I should have known" you hear Cha Cha say as he walks further into the room. He looks around the room taking in the decorations and the fact that he is surrounded by all his closest friends.

"Happy Birthday fam" Jay says as he embraces Chase in a bro hug. Cha Cha smiles as a thanks and you watch as other party guest approach him one by one , giving him their birthday wishes. After a while you see him grab a drink off the table and begin to look around the room

"Where is Y/N?" he hear Cha Cha ask Simon and Jay . Simon shrugs in response ,but the two of you make eye contact. Jay comes in the kitchen and smirks at you

"That's you que" he says and you look at him smiling nervously.

"Yeah I just hope he likes it" you say chewing on the inside of your lip. As if sensing your nervousness Jay pats your shoulder

pop out


You pop out the cake with a fold sign saying 'Happy Birthday'. When you pop out and yell 'Happy Birthday Cha Cha!' He turns around and had a surprise of his life. He see his girlfriend pop out of cake in a sexy bikini and holding a sign.

What are you doing, Y/N?

He asks, while trying to find something to cover you with. You were kind of disappointed by his reaction. You thought he was would be more happy with his surprise. You lower the sign and ask him what's wrong?

why are you showing off your body to my friends?

He throws a blanket over you and carrys you out of the cake. He sets you down next to him.


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