I introduce you to Gapjin, the Korean rapper you didn't know you needed to know. I myself just learned of her but I like her style and have decided to share her with you.

Since Gapjin is fairly new and I have next to no info on her I'm just gonna post some of the info I found.

here :

Korean female rapper, Gapjin! As her name means "valuable" in Korean, she is expected to present precious music across the nation with the first ep album, [Scribble Notes].
This album clearly shares the moment when she first announced to her parents to become a rapper and her long journey to her dream.

Gapjin -Not That Important

Gapjin -I Gotta Do What I Wanna Do

Gapjin -Before Telling

Gapjin -Everything Has Its Own Place

Gapjin -The Night Owls

Gapjin -Sleepless Night


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