~I Wanna Know What Love Is~ Chapter 19

Good bye Busan and Hello 13+ hour flight. We have been on the plane I think for atleast 4 hours. So barely half way. Everyone's in and out of sleep. I've still been up thinking about last night. I really just ruined a chance with Gray, but at the same time he just as busy as Jay. I'll probably only see him through a screen most of the time and talk to him over the phone. You know what. I wanna know why he even showed up. I know Jay didn't invite him because he probably would've said something. I know I didn't. The only other person is Yuna. Yuna.Fuxkin Yuna. She asked that question as soon as he probably walked up to be able to hear my answer. I should've known she would do something sneaky. Man Jay is with a snake. For real. I gotta watch my back still with her. Added to the list of problems. ~Seattle~ Gio and I are home. That flight was too long and I feel sick again. To top it all off Chase is here. Yay! Not. I just want to unpack and relax. Instead I have him in my ear. Mad because I only called him once during the two weeks. Did he forget he yelled at me on the phone and hung up. "Chase.Please I'm not in the mood to talk. I just got home from a 13+ hour flight and I feel hella sick."I said putting Gio and I's suitcases into my room. "What's wrong with you?" "I'm dizzy and nauseous. Certain smells also trigger it. I don't know what's wrong with me so I'm going to call my dad later after I take a nap." "I'm sorry Babe.Well I gotta go anyways.Let me know when you find out." "Ok." He gave me a kiss and walked out.Freedom. I went to my room grabbing Gio's suitcase first and putting the clothes into the washer.whike the washer was going I called up Lonnie to come over.

"Knock.Knock."Lonnie said coming in through the door. "Hey Mama to be."I said getting up and hugging her like I haven't seen her in months. "My girl is finally home.Where's Gio?" "He asleep." "Oh and I bought you something." "Oh what you get me?" "Here."She said handing me a Walgreens bag. I open it to see two pregnancy test boxes. She still think I'm pregnant. "Lon. I told you I'm not pregnant. I was actually going to call my dad and see what he thinks." "Take the damn test." "Fine." She pushed me into the bathroom with the tests closing the door. "You don't trust me to take the test?"I asked opening the first box."Wait you want me to take 4?"I asked noticing each box has two. "Can't be too sure.And yes.You might put it in water or something.Now hurry up." "Ok.Look the other way." "Really?" "Yes really." "Ok." I peed on the sticks and now it was time to wait. Lon helped me with laundry as we waited for each test to be done. I can't believe I took 4 for this girl.4! Yo If I'm pregnant that would be crazy! I don't know what to do. How I'm going to tell him. Oh lord! As we were folding the clothes I can here the timer and I was not ready to look. Lonnie got excited jumpin up trying to get me to rush into the bathroom. No. No. No. "Gia.Get up." "I don't wanna look." "Because you know you pregnant." "I'm not." "Come on." She pulled me up off the couch and into the bathroom.There they were all 4 test waiting for me to read them. So nervous. I can just feel my heart beating fast. Here I go. Test 1.....Pregnant Test 2.....Pregnant Test 3.....Pregnant Test 4......Pregnant Holding that last test in my hand I didn't know how to react. Those questions ran through my head again. Ring.Ring.Ring I looked to see my phone and Mom's calling. Ugh she should be sleeping like everyone else. This is not the time. "Hi Mom." "Hi Sweety.How you feelin?" "Mostly tired." "Do you still need Dad to do a check up?" "Nah.I'm fine." "Alright.We are all meeting up for dinner." "Yuna and Jay?" "Yeah." "Ok.I'll see you tonight." "Bye.Love you." "Love you too." I hung up and looked at Lonnie. "Well I think I have a way to tell my family."I said sitting on the edge of the tub. "How?" "Have you seen the cute ways people tell there families?" "Yeah.What did you have in mind?" "Well.Mom just said we are all meeting for dinner and I should just do it there. Plus Yuna will be there and I wanna see her face after what she did." "The club incident?" "Oh no girl.We actually had a sit down and talked. I was thinking we was cool. You know what she did." "What she do?" "She basically set me up.She invited Gray last night to the fire and I answered her question about Chase. Gray heard I didn't break up with Chase and he blew up on me." "Sneaky bitxh. Let's plan this reveal. Throw those away we just need one." Lonnie and I quickly went through my closet looking for any left over gift bags I had and tissue paper to match. I'm excited!!

~Jay~ Everyone took there naps and unpacked. Now it's a family dinner. This time my parents are tagging along and also my brother. Well it's at their house.We are gathered at the table eating dinner. I noticed Gia is hanging around only Amerie. I thought her and Yuna would be talking since they were starting to get along. I don't know. "Anyone ready for dessert?"Mom asked. "Actually I wanted to give Jay something."Gia said standing up with a small glitter gift bag. "It's not my birthday though."I said getting confused why she giving me something. "I can't give you a gift.Here."She handing me the bag. "Stand up."Mom said so we all can see the gift. I stood up while removing the pink and blue tissue paper revealing a glitter box. I set the bag on the table and opened the lid seeing a pregnancy test reading pregnant. PREGNANT!?

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