(Gang Stalking) the secret is out and its going viral.

(Public Record)

Rappers Are In Danger

This is the reason I believe famous people end up dead or in jail.

I also believe these are the people responsible for robbing entertainers houses when they are not there.

Now they do home invasions with them or their family there.

They are former Department of Corrections inmates who stalk, steal and kill for a living who work with the police and can sell drugs for the police without arrest.

(Gang stalking for me began in the early 80s with the Hip Hop NYPD gang unit busting gang members and then hire them to do jobs)

Members of the media like TMZ also involved in Gang Stalking / View Video

Research the name Larry Davis who was murdered in jail.

Larry Davis may have been the first gang stalker to quit his job for the police and he paid for that with his life.

What Larry Davis was involved in turned into gang stalking and the only reason why i am coming forward with this information is because they won't leave me alone and they are being very disrespectful(calling me derogatory names with the police in tow)

They also gain access to inside of my home when I'm not there.

They don't need warrants and the police just wait outside at a safe distance.

They are acting in concert with The New York City Police Department and members of the Paternal Order of Police in their personal cars on 24 hour 7 days a week watch of me my family and my property.

The police use their stalking services to attack people that they're targeting like me.

They are attempting to use traffic accidents against me and this is how they cover up a murder.

They are running red lights and stop signs with diesel trucks and their personal cars.

They crashed into my personal Cars 3 times

Getting out their cars laughing at me saying sorry accident and one time trying to run me off the road on I-95 North where my car was sliding sideways when they try to ram me off the road.

I'm guessing the Home Depot store 1245 in New Rochelle New York who I had a federal lawsuit against wants me dead.

Ranaldo G Johns V The Home Depot 03 CIV 4522 (DC)

The Home Depot was in default of a 10 million-dollar law suit. They never answered and the judge Denny​ Chin covered it up.

Judge Denny chin then allowed Home Depot to make a late answer against the rules of civil procedure and when they did they committed perjury..

The Home Depot manager Yvette Williams filed a false police report against me stating I said (I had a gun and was going to shoot the place up) Report #4834 in the city of New Rochelle New York. 2/6/02

This was covered up by the Westchester County District Attorney's office when I informed them about the false police report.

When judge Denny chin allowed their late answer The Home Depot store manager Yvette Williams fail to mention the gun when she stated she talked to the police.

Yvette Williams perjury about the police report was covered up by judge Denny chinafter i informed the Court of this judge Denny chinignored it and then he dismissed​ my case.

Judge Denny chin was also informed about the New York City Police Department retaliation harassment campaign against me he also ignored it.

This was a criminal act and this is the reason why they keep sending the New York City Police Department and the gang stalkers to my every location to take my life by trying to do it by car accident.

I'm currently obtaining court records from 500 Pearl Street to add to this public record.

Ranaldo G Johns V The Home Depot 03 CIV 4522 (DC)

I also have in my possession video tape and picture evidence and I also have direct badge numbers of police officers involved.

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Start date of this public record 05/16/2017

This is being kept for my protection in case of my death or if they fake my suicide.

My name is Ranaldo G Johns (View More)

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