Some drawings

So these are some drawing I did for some amino apps. XD It's been a while on here and I just wanted to put some new stuff up. Thanks! ^^

So above are some characters from Final Fantasy VII. I will eventually get around to the rest of the boys but for now....

These are the girls of FFVII. Personally Yuffie is my favorite. ^^

Namjoon of BTS sketch

Yoongi of BTS sketch ((Personally he looks more like Jin to me.... ))

Finally Jin of BTS sketch

Will be sketching the rest of the members eventually.

Hello all! I obviously have a daughter from picture above. I love kpop, kdramas, anime, comic books, drawing, and movies. I joined quite a bit of communities and hope to contribute to them all eventually. Anywho hope to make some friends! See you guys around!
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