TOP Tested Positive For Marijuana :/

Not a good day for TOP :(

The Seoul Drug Enforcement Office somehow discovered back in October that TOP had been smoking, so they ran a test on him.

It has just been released to the public (idk why so late???) but he tested postive for smoking it which is a huge violation in Korea.

There is no proof that he smokes reguarly, so he could get out of this the same way that G-Dragon did. Apparently it was consumed in the form of liquid marijuana through the use of a vape pen.

As fans, I don't think we should say "he didn't do it! he's innocent!' because TBH he's 30 years old and can do whatever he wants. Marijuana isn't that bad for you and its not illegal in many parts of the US now.

All I hope is that the drug laws in Korea become more lax because with the amount of pressure the society puts on everyone, you'd think Korea would be giving out weed for FREE just to get people to chill.

At this time TOP has been arrested and there will be an investigation. Worst case, he goes to prison, But with GD's case, it was completely dropped. Let's hope it goes the same way for TOP.

Please send positive thoughts his way!


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