Belong to them Ch.4: The importance of being Y/n

Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.

Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

After you had gotten home, you had run through some chores. Jay stayed to keep an eye on you; although, you would've rather he left you to the silence of the penthouse. It was only once Kiseok left that you would begin to realize just how big the house was. It was normally lonely when you were the only person in there and so you drowned it out by writting. Once you were done with your chores you went upstairs to write. You put on some light music and sat at your desk. Kiseok had put it in your room where it sat on his side of the bed with your lamp and lap top on it. You weren't sure why he chose to put it there. It was either so that he could monitor you using it so if you stayed up all night or snuck out of bed to use it you'd have to make your way on his side of the bed quietly and have the light on your computer low enough not to mess with him or it was because there was more room for the desk on that side. Honestly, you figured it could be both.

You started writing with the music on it helped you focus:

Eun ji laid on her stomach in bed her eyes glued to the pages of her newly purchased romance novel. She was already a few chapters in, having read for hours already. After the big fight Yong Nam, she needed something to distract her. And distract her it did, she didn't even hear the foot steps of her lover approach her from behind. She didn't hear the front door open when he slipped in or him walking up the stairs. For a while, he just sat there watching her read, her upper body perched up on her elbows with her feet up in the air. She looked enamoured with the book and some part of him didn't want to disturb her. He wanted to surprise her and not give her the ability to push him away before he could make it up to her. It was a silly little fight to him but to her there was so much more meaning in the words she spoke and he just couldn't see it.

Do you love me?

A question she had wrestled with asking for so long and finally she spoke her mind. The moment those words fell from her lips she wanted to take them back. The way he looked at her, as if the word love was a poison she was giving him, made her sick to her stomach but even more it made her angry. Her eyes burned with hot tears when she saw the face he made and he didn't understand a thing. They screamed at each other like they never had before and Yong Nam left for work. Now he was back, sneaking into their bedroom watching her from behind as he made his way closer to the bed. His hand touched the small of her back and slowly ran up until it made it to her shoulder. He got onto the bed and brought his lips down softly on her shoulder and kissed his way up to the crook of her neck. She made a slight humming sound and rolled over on the bed. She looked at him finally, noticing his prescence.

"Hi." he said softly.

"Hi." she said back.

Her thumb kept the book parted so that she could go back to reading but now she was laying on her back, one hand on her stomach and the other hand outstretched hanging off the bed holding her book. She looked up at him with the same hurt eyes and he couldn't stand it but he knew what she wanted to hear. She also knows what he wants to say, that he wants to apologize. She didn't want an apology that was half hearted. She didn't want an apology at all.

"Don't say anything just for the sake of making up." she said softly.

He lightly grazed his finger tips up her exposed belly and then tapped his index finger between the valley of her breast. He looked at her full chest covered in her light pink bra just under her baby blue tank. Her curly hair was spread out on the bed and his eyes washed over her face. He couldn't help but think how pretty she was and soon he found himself lowering down to kiss her lips...

Except she stopped him just before he could kiss her. The hand on her belly pushed on his chest lightly and she looked down to avoid his eyes. A normal sign that she just wasn't ready to be touched by him, that he wasn't so easily forgiven and that she hadn't dropped the subject. She distracted herself all day so that she didn't have to think about where the rest of their relationship would go but if he didn't love her...

Why would she stay?

Just like Eun ji, you became so distracted that you didn't even hear Kiseok come into the bedroom. He had walked so closely and so silently over to you that you didn't hear his steps over the sound of pressed keys on a keyboard. You kept typing as fast as the words were coming to your mind, while the love of your life looked over your shoulder, unwittingly reading your internal conflict. It wasn't until the gentle press of his lips met the nape of your neck that you jumped and looked back to see him. Your face was controted in annoyance at first because you thought it was Jay that snuck in but you relaxed realizing it was him. You sighed and turned back to your computer.

"What's that you're doing bugs?" he asked.

"It's nothing." you said softly.

You saved the document and clicked out of the window. You even took your flash drive out and slipped it into the draw. Kiseok leaned over you and kissed your cheek before he whispered in your ear,

"You know I can just go on there and look myself." he teased.

"Right and then you'll probably share it with Jay and Mintaek right? Because that's what you like to do, share." you said bitterly.

You stood up to walk away from him and he grabbed your arm to stop you. He looked at you hard for a moment but he hadn't said anything just yet. You looked away from him and he said,

"Look at me."

You turned your head but you weren't looking at him just facing his direction. Feelings were welling up inside you. All the times he left you alone and then came back, the distance and time away made you grow fonder of him. You wanted him, to be closer to him and so when he came back it was like you were starving for him. With Jay and Mintaek as your guardians, would you be as starved for him or would you realize that when you agreed to be his possession you were just agreeing to be a play toy. The thought of that hurt you even more. Kiseok lifted your chin,

"I said look at me." he said softly.

You were staring into his eyes feeling distraught.

"You're upset. What happened? Did Jay do something to you?" he asked.

"No." you said softly.

"Why did you cry on the phone earlier today? I've been worried about you all day." he said.

"Have you?"

Your voice was a whisper and your eyes slipped down again.

"Bugs look at me." he said sternly again.

You knew the tone in his voice, you knew which tones meant what. The sternness came in different levels of how in trouble you were. This wasn't a sternness that said you were in trouble more like he wanted to make eye contact with you to keep you focused in the conversation. When things got to be too much, you often made the decision to back out of the conversation. Sometimes closing up so much you stopped talking all together. He hated that, it was only when you couldn't find the words to convey how you felt but right now you were clear on how you felt. You were upset and sad because you didn't understand where you were with him.

"How can you be so possessive of me and then just give me to two men I don't even know?" You said upset.

Tears already brimmed your face because it hurt. Two years of your life was spent with him; you were devoted to him and he was your life. The idea of leaving him now was too painful but the idea of staying and just being a playmate without moving forward was just as bad. You were in a spot where the man you had fallen in love with either didn't know you were deeply in love with him or he didn't care. You were too scared to ask because of the answer you might get but not having an answer was equally as bad.

Dead and Alive.Dead and Alive.

"I told you already it's just to protect you while I'm away. Why can't you understand that?"

"You know Kiseok I understand that you want to keep me safe. I even understand that you want them to babysit me, whatever I can get past that but I'm supposed to be yours." you said getting more frustrated because he wasn't seeing the real issue.

"You are mine."

"Then why would you give them the right to have sex with me? You punched a man in a store for touching my ass but then you give these two guys permission to bed me like I'm so common whore? I did agree that you could do anything you wanted to me no questions asked but I didn't agree to be a toy for two other men."

"Y/n you're not a toy." he said trying to calm you down.

You fled from his embrace when he came closer to you. You made it to the other end of the room with your arms crossed. Just this morning, he sent your body into eruptions of pleasure but he also had you give Jay head like it was a taste of what he would recieve from you. He couldn't say you weren't a toy when clearly that's what this is.

"I was a stripper before and I did that to survive but when I agreed to be yours, when I agreed to the conditions and went through the training and we started dating I thought, I will never do that again because you are my Master. I wanted so bad for you to be proud of me. It's not that I like living off of you but I love making you happy but this- it's too far. I may have been a stripper but I wasn't whore. I don't just sleep with random men while I'm in a relationship regardless of what my partner says."

"Y/n I know you're not a whore and when I set this up I wasn't thinking that you were. I'll be gone for a month, I wanted you to be able to have some fun while I was gone. If you didn't like the part where they guys are able to sleep with you, you should've said it."


"You need to watch your tone." he said getting a little frustrated.

You rolled your eyes and sat down. There was a bitter laugh that slipped from you. Your arms were crossed and you were looking at the ground. He was making you more upset. This wasn't how you wanted things to be. You wanted to be closer to him and you wanted him to tell you he loved you.

"Y/n I've given you restrictions and rules but never once have I said you can't be honest with me. You're right I do remind you of the agreement we made but I've never said that you can't object. You need to be honest with me, you need to talk to me otherwise every time you blindly agree I'll assume everything is okay."

"Even if you thought this would be okay with me why would you want that? You want me to be honest? Honestly, I don't get you. You're so possessive of me, you don't want men looking at my body or them touching me and I like that but then you give them the ability to have sex with me. Why aren't you possessive with them? Having sex with me doesn't protect me. Honestly, it makes me feel like this whole thing between us isn't even a relationship. I don't feel like I belong anywhere in your life. It makes me feel like a burden."

"Bug you know that's not true."

You shook your head and wiped your eyes. Tears of frustration came down in silence and Kiseok looked away for a moment with a sigh. Perhaps he could see that he was hurting you.

"Jay says I'm a distraction for you. So does that mean the reason I can't go on trips with you is because you just need to get the hell away from me? Or maybe it's because of my sketchy past, my roommate tries to rape me, I worked as a dancer at Mintaek's club and on my own I have about twenty bucks to my name. I don't match up with your status, I'm nothing." you said.

He quickly came over to you and caught your face in his hands. He pressed his forehead against yours. His face was painted in pain from your words. The way he spoke was like he was holding back tears through heavy panting,

"You- are everything to me."

That singular confession wasn't an I love you but it was enough to make you cry more. Something in you felt moved and your heart swelled at the tone of his voice.

only only

"And them." you added.


"You're not ashamed of me?" You asked.

"No baby girl."

He leaned into kiss you and you waited for him to confess but he didn't. Instead he gave you something else you liked, he stood you up and turned you around and lightly pushed you against the wall. His hand met your thigh and ran up slowly until he reached the hem of your shirt. He kissed the back of your neck gently and you sighed into it. You felt his chest press up against your body that made you get closer to the wall. You bit your lip and turned your head to try and see him. You felt his hand brush your hair back and then his hand drew around your body. His long fingers found your lips and grazed across your bottom lip. His other hand snuck down your pants and found your womanhood. He moved slow and things felt more sensual.

"Who do you belong to baby girl?" he whispered in your ear.

"You." you whispered.

"Say my name baby girl."

His finger pressed into your clit making you moan and you leaned into him while pushing yourself off the wall.

"Kiseok." You moaned.

He licked the bottom of your ear and softly bit down on it. You moaned deeper. He turned you around and picked you up and pressed you into the wall. Your legs locked around his waist and your arms wrapped around his neck. You looked him in the eyes, the difference between you and your character Eun-Ji, she could refuse the man she loved, you couldn't. At least not for long. He looked you square in the eyes and said,

"I need you to be safe Y/n, I would lose my mind if anything ever happened to you. Don't ever think about leaving me."

You looked back into his eyes feeling how genuine he was. Butterflies rushed through your stomach and your body warmed. Your heat tightend and you could feel yourself getting wet. It was close to a confession of love; it was enough to satisfy you in the moment. He reaffirmed that he cared, more than you were allowing yourself to understand. He'll be gone in two days and you wouldn't see him again until two weeks from now. He wanted you to be with him. Your hands came up to his face,

"I won't." you said in a little whine.

He carried you to the bed and laid you down slowy,

"It's bed time baby girl."

He said that but he was undressing you one piece of clothing at a time. He pulled everything off of you from your pants to your panties, you were naked in bed and he basked in the sight of you looking up at him innocently.

"You've never been the type to like a gentle fuck Y/n." He smiled.

"It's bed time." you told him.

He nodded,

"I know."

He lowered to his knees and parted your legs slowly and then his tongue attacked your clit. He licked you aggressively and quick and your back arched off the bed while you released a hot moan. Your hand shot down to his hair, running your fingers through his soft locks while his tongue collected your juices. You could hear him moaning into your folds and your lower half began to grind into his mouth while he ate you out. You were loud in your moans, this time Jay was no where near to make you think that you needed to keep your voice down. Your hand gripped the sheets while your thighs tightened. His hands stayed at your inner thighs to keep them open; he opened them wider and came up a little bit more. Now you were spread open for him and you could see his tongue teasing your clit.

"Oh my god!" you moaned.

You saw the little smirk that came on his face and his lips clasped around your clit to suck on it. He sucked hard, you could hear the popping sound of him coming off your clit and he sat up straight to start taking his clothes off. Your legs started to close and he smacked your thighs.

"Did I fucking tell you to move baby girl?" he growled.

"No Master." you whimpered.

"Then don't fucking move, just stay open like that for me." he said.

You nodded. He smiled and tossed his shirt to the side once it was off. He quickly pulled down his pants releasing his hard cock from his boxers. It was standing at attention waiting to find you, your heat throbbed to feel him inside of you. You bit your lip wanting him now. Sex was always a good way to distract you from how you were feeling because right now all you wanted was him fucking you so hard you couldn't think straight. He crawled over you, you were both naked and you loved it. His chest was against your chest, your nipples found his like they were kissing and his length went inside you with ease. He kissed you hard and started to fuck you quick. The quick snapping of his hips made your walls close down on him more and he groaned coming off your lips. He looked you in the eyes and that made it so much better. A fuck where he stared you in the eyes, it was sensual and you felt even more connected with him. You were moaning and wanting more and more of him. You belonged to him, you were his and only his.

"God- fuck yes. Daddy fuck me harder." you whinned.

His hands met the back of your neck and you legs wrapped around his waist to keep him close to you. He moved hard and aggressive just the way you liked it. He was panting heavy in your face, close to your mouth so you could breathe him in.

"My fucking little girl." he moaned.

"Yes Daddy." you moaned out into the room.

"You're Daddy's little girl right." he said

You nodded furiously,

"Yes Daddy- Fuck! I'm yours, I'm you little girl."

"Good girl. Now take this dick." He licked his lips with a growl.

He pulled out of you and turned you around, he pushed your head into the bed and he slammed into you again. You could feel him deeper this time and you screamed against the mattress. You turned your head.

"You like that baby?" he growled.

"Yes Master, please don't stop. Make me fucking come."

He slapped your ass once, then twice. Again and again and again, the sting hurt and felt good at the same time. He rode into you hard and you felt him pushing at a spot that was undeniably the best thing you've ever felt. He was going to drive you nuts like that and you loved every bit of it. He stuck his thumb in your ass making you scream and jerk back into him by reflex just as he slammed into you.

"No- oh my god. Ohhhhh Fuck. Master." you wiped your face as you spoke with a shaky voice.

He grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, he let his thumb stay in your ass while he rode you like you were his little fucking pony. He was hitting you hard and raw and amazingly deep. You tightend around him more.

"Yes, that's it. Daddy's little slut." He moaned.

"Yes Daddy, oh fuck."

"You want to come for me don't you little girl?" he said.

"Yes Daddy, I want to come so bad."

He stopped moving and you whinned. You felt him lean down against your back. His hand that was in your hair wrapped around to get to your neck and choke you just enough to make you light headed. His thumb left your ass and instead curled around your waist to find your clit and draw circles around it. He started to move slow diving you nuts. You tightened more and wiggled your ass a little against him. He licked your ear and said in a cool whisper that sent shivers down your spine.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard baby girl, you're gonna have trouble walking tomorrow morning." he said.

"Kiseok." you whinned.

He tightend his hand around your neck.

"It's play time Bugs you know what to call me. Be fucking respectful and I'll let you come quick."

"Yes Daddy." you moaned.

He rolled onto his side and spooned you. He raised your leg and started to go in on you as fast as he could. He was determind to destory you and you wanted every bit of it. You wanted your body to belong to him. To be his perminent possession, you wanted him owning you, all of you. Your body was all of his and you'd give it all to him over and over again. You wanted him to fucking destory you, make your body explode in an unbelieveable orgasam. Your hand curled around to cup his cheek. He kissed you, his hand still held your neck and you loved it. You loved being choked, your hair being pulled. You missed the opportunity to scratch his back but you also wanted to ride him hard and fast. Bounce on his swollen cock, while looking him in the eyes, seeing him bite his lip just before he flips you over onto the bed to fuck you senseless again.

He kissed you hard, you felt his tongue moving over yours like a snake and he came off your lips for a second to command you,

"Touch yourself baby."

You nodded and he looked you in the eyes with full blown pupils so dark and dangerous that you were going to come just from that look. Your hand shot down to your womanhood and your fingers made circles on your clit. You moaned enjoying the feeling of your body being fucked hard.

"I'm gonna cum, please Master let me cum." you moaned.

"No not yet. I want to see that pretty face when you come. "He said.

He pulled out again to come between your legs. He lifted your leg on his shoulder and he started fucking you fast again. You could hear him slapping into you, it sounded wet and sticky and so fucking hot. He teased your nipples while he watched your face contort. Your hands were by your head and he growled,

"I didn't tell you to stop, keep playing with yourself."

"I'm gonna cum Daddy, please." you said.

You were closing on him even more than before. You wanted him deeper inside of you. You wanted him to come inside of you. He grabbed your hand and put it back where he wanted it and you just automatically began to play with yourself. He leaned down putting you in an awkward position. Your leg was propped high on his shoulder and he came close to your body. He held your leg up to bring it higher and your butt was off the bed. He released the leg that wasn't on his shoulder and came to your neck.

"Come so fucking hard baby girl." He growled.

He kept going and you nodded quickly as he sped up his movements. Your moans got louder, higher in pitch, your fingers moved faster and your nipples seem to perk up again.

"Ohhhhhhh- Myyyyyyyy- Ki-Seok!" you screamed out in an orgasam.

"Fuuuuuckkkk Baby girl. Shit!" He groaned coming at the same time.

You melted feeling him leak inside of you. It felt perfect, it felt so fucking good. He pulled out of you and laid next to you panting; he covered you in a blanket and kissed you softly. You wrapped your arms around him tighter like he was your teddy bear Wubbie. He smiled at you and brushed the hair sticking to your face behind your head. He rolled over you to get to his side of the bed and he looked over to see that the bear had fallen off the bed. He gave it to you, knowing you were used to hugging it while you slept.

"Thank you." You smiled cuddling Wubbie in your arms.

Your smile hid behind the bear's head but he could see it clearly like an innocent childs smile. He wrapped his arms around you and covered you more with the bankets, wrapping you up in them. Your head rested on his arm and that arm cradled your head from behind. His lips met your forehead in a soft kiss and you pushed a leg in between his to be intertwined with him. His arm wrapped around you and your eyes were closed, you smelled him mixed with the scent of sex that lingered in the room.

"Goodnight baby girl." he said.

"Goodnight Master." you whispered back to him.

You had a big weakness to you. Though you always put on a charade that you were tough and didn't care about much, there were a few things you did care about. A place to belong was one of them, which was why being in Kiseok's arms was so important to you. It was where you wanted to belong and you wanted him to want you there, with him. Every moment he took you into his arms, not just for sexual pleasure but just to comfort you was a moment you felt closer, fell deeper in love with him. You felt like you belonged with him. The moment you met him he eyed you like the candy he had just bought from that store but even in his seductive threats to spank and punish you for miss behaving, there was a kind and gentle side to Kiseok that you were sure only you really knew.

This side of him that held you close in his arms and made sure you had the bear he bought you in your arms before you went to bed. The side of him that called you three times a day while he was at work to see how you were, if you were happy, if you were okay. The side of him that told you he cared about you, that he'd do anything for you, he comforted you when you were sad and talked to you in bed when you had something to say. You were nothing before, a simple stripper that had father issues and couldn't hold down a decent job. A girl that was labeled with "attitude problems" when really it was that you didn't know who you could trust because people took advantage of people. When Kiseok threatend your roommate for trying to rape you in your sleep, you felt like you were finally important in someone's eyes.


So that made it impossible to leave...

The next two days that passed were weekends and because Kiseok knew you pulled away from him when he went on business trips and because he knew you were upset about being owned by two other men he decided to keep you all to himself. He had sex with you, took you shopping and out to dinner. He took you to see a movie and stayed in the house with you to just give you a sense of comfort and keep you close to him. It was a nice two days and when he left you he gave you a long goodbye kiss and told you to be on your best behavior. You'd see him in Busan in two weeks but the moment his hand slipped out of yours so that he could get on the plane you felt down. You wanted him to stay, every second he was gone you missed him more.

Jay took you to his office, both Mintaek and him had your complete schedule made up by Kiseok. That was actually the part of your life that wasn't hard to give up control for. Your life was a mess when you met Kiseok he pretty much organized it all and made it better. Mintaek and Jay made an agreement that around the morning times when you were to go out (because Kiseok specifically instructed that you weren't to be on your computer all day) that Mintaek would take you so that Jay didn't have to stop his work process. Mintaek worked nights which you already knew because of his club so it was easier for them to work it like that. You only had to deal with Mintaek once everyday and then you Jay for the rest of your time. You had to sleep over at Jay's place too, that was also apart of the deal because he was responsible for keeping your bedtime in order and you getting up at the right hour. Kiseok wasn't going to give you the chance to fall off your schedule.

All in all, things were going well and it was only the third day in since Kiseok was gone. Kiseok still kept with his daily three calls like he always did when he was gone. It just made you miss him more but at the very least you got to hear his voice instead of not hearing him at all for the next four weeks. Jay had taken you out to get lunch; he had moved his lunch break to fall on your schedule. It seemed like you were never out of either boys eyes unless you went to pee. Kiseok had them keeping a close eye on you all because of the assualt.

You were a little curious about that yourself though. You had a restraing order on him when he assaulted you but Kiseok said he was released after only three months. A sexual assualt was attempted and all he got was a slap on the wrist. What was it with men trying to take from you when you didn't give permission? That was one of the reasons you didn't appreciate that Kiseok had given Mintaek and Jay permission to sleep with you but at the very least Jay had kept up to his word. He wasn't touching you. You two were sitting down at a table and you were staring out the window as you ate.

"You miss him don't you?" Jay said with a smile.

"I wonder if I've become dependant. I'm not sure I was ever independent, more like stuggling. Then Kiseok walks into my life and makes things easier but when he's not sleeping next to me- I have questions." You said looking at the window.

"Questions? About what?"

"What if he finds a better version of me?" you whispered.

"Y/n?" Jay asked.

You turned to look at him and shrugged, there was a soft smile.

"Sorry I think I get depressed when he leaves me to myself. The fact of the matter is I often realize when he's gone that I'm nothing special and so from the outside looking in I could see why people would wonder what he sees in me. I wonder what he sees in me. Then I wonder, what if he finds someone better than me. More compatible." You said

"Well as far as intellectual compatiablity you rival each other. You should've told him you graduated as a principle honors student. So many colleges would've taken you in with your grades. You could've gone into the same field and probably out beat Kiseok. You're a smart girl Y/n."

"But she lacks ambition." a voice said behind you.

But not just any voice, you knew that voice all too well. You turned around to see an older gentlemen in a gray suit with a burgendy tie. He had salt and pepper hair and a thick graying mustache. He looked down at you and you looked up with wide eyes,









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