~I Wanna Know What Love Is~ Chapter 20

Oh snap! His face. It's like an oh shxt I'm in trouble type face. I can't help but smile. Shxt about to pop off for real! Everyone's waiting to know what I gave him. Yuna's nosy self got up looking in the box. "Pregnant?"She questioned looking at me. "Yes I am."I smiled. Everyone started saying congratulations but I know my parents are a little upset. They can handle it Since we already went through this with Gio. "Why are you giving me this?"He asked. "I thought the father should know first." "Wait.Wait.Father.Jay what is she talking about?"Yuna asked getting a little mad. I think I'm enjoying this too much watching her get mad every second. Shouldn't have set me up ruining Gray and I. "Come on Jay. You can't forget about that night at your hotel. I know I didn't." "What is she talking about?" "Anyone want to help me get dessert?"Jay's mom asked as everyone got up from the table going into the kitchen. "Jay. What.Is.She.Talking.About?"Yuna asked again this time her teeth clenched. He is taking too long to talk. "We slept together in his hotel room the day before I even found out who you were." "So what does this mean Jay. Are you going to leave me.Go with her.What?"Yuna asked and I know she was scared about what he might say. "That night I wasn't a mistake at first. I was trying to talk to Gia and figure things out but she said it was and I mistake.After that I've regretted every moment of that night.Of course I'm not going to leave you. We are about to get married.I am going to take care of my second child." "As long as your not leaving me I'm ok with that." They kissed and that made me wanna be sick. The perfect timing to throw up and my body is feeling fine. "Have fun still being with this snake."I said grabbing my purse."Gio.Come on sweetheart.We gotta go." "What are you talking about?"Jay asked. "Oh your girl.She a snake for real. Trust and believe that. Why don't you ask her but then again you might be happy about it.Since you were having a problem about it before." "Actually you know what. Think about who you're with." Gio ran into the dinning room and said bye to them and we headed home. ~Next Morning~ "G.What do you want for breakfast?"I asked scanning the fridge. "I want cereal." "Cereal it is." I grabbed the milk and his fruit loops making us both a bowl. I sat them down on the kitchen bar. "So Gio.How would you feel to have a brother or sister?" "Umm. Later."He said and ate his fruit loops. "Do you like being the only child.You'll have someone to play with.You'll be a big brother like how uncle Romeo is to me." "Big Brother.Can we play ninja turtles?" "Of course. You can teach them all the ninja turtle names and moves. All the things they like." "We can watch the movie too?" "Yes." "Yay.When do I get my brother." "You want a baby brother?" "Yeah. Untle Dong can teach us soccer." "What about Daddy?" "Daddy can teach him how to sing and basketball." "You just want soccer?" "Yeah." "Maybe I can sign you up this spring. We just gotta see how old you have to be." Knock.Knock. Who the hell is here? "Come in!"I yelled so I didn't have to get up. "Hey Babe."Chase said walking in. "Hey." "I'm going to be a big brother."Gio said excited running to Chase. "That's awesome buddy."He said picking him up."When did you find out?" "Yesterday.Lonnie brought over a test and I took it." Chase's eyes lit up thinking it's his baby. Oh little does he know. Ugh but I'm tired of seeing his face. I need to find a way to break it off.He isn't the Chase I met back in school. The sweet guy I got partnered with for our Korean project. The one who showered me in compliments and got me my yummy lemonade.Also didn't care I was pregnant. Now he just hella evil.Messed me up pretty good. You know what I know Romeo will be happy so Imma call him up so he can be there to protect me when I end it. Wish us luck! ~2 Hours Later~ Chase finally left and he was all excited hoping to get a boy and naming him Chase Jr. first of all hell no. Second. Thank goodness this baby ain't his.He too dumb to even calculate the last time we had sex to even figure if the baby even his. I ain't going to tell him either. Who knows what he will do knowing the baby ain't his. "Hello?"Romeo asked answering the phone. "Hey. Um. I have a favor to ask you."I said nervous. "What kind of favor. Since I see you have so much going on." "I want you here when I end it with Chase.I'm scared that he might do something." "Of course I'll be there. This is like the smartest thing you've decided.When are you doing this?" "I'm not sure but there's something else?" "What?" "He thinks the baby is his." "What do you mean he thinks the baby is his?" "Gio ended up telling him. He got excited he's going to be a big brother. I couldn't tell him the baby's not since we already know how he is." "Ok.ok. We gotta figure this out." "Can We do the break up step first?" "Of course. Let me know and I'll be there." "Thanks.i gotta go but I'll text you." "Ok.Bye." "Bye."

After talking to Romeo i decided to head to the bakery and help Auntie Monique.Gio also wanted to help so I brought him too. "So miss thang.Heard you're pregnant."She said giving Gio fondant to play with. "I Am." "You children are having babies.Time went by too fast.Pretty soon Gio going to have his own." "I don't even wanna think about it. Also Lonnie is pregnant too." "How far along is she?" "Like a month." "Damn.I remember you two were conjoined at the hip.Now you two having babies around the same time. Wait who the Daddy of yours?" "Jay." "You know what they came in with your Mom to eat cake and figure out a design. Something was off about the The girl.Does she know?" "Yes she does."I smiled. "Hold on.Your mom told me you two started getting along. What's with this non innocent smile." "She wanted to be a snake and ruin a thing I had going on with a guy in Korea." "Did you even have feelings for this guy?" "I was starting to. Then she ruined it.Ugh." "Ok back to the baby topic. You want a boy or girl?" "Boy."Gio said. "Gio mind set." "He wants a brother to play ninja turtles with." "Girls can play too." "I want a brother."He said starting to eat the fondant. "Mama." We heard Angel walking in with his friend Landon.

"What the hell does this boy want?" "Mama.Can i ask you something?" "What is it?" "Can Landon and I work for you?" "What do you mean?" "You're always talking about how I need a job.Landon and I talked and we thought we can ask you." "What do you think Gia?"Auntie Monique asked. "Umm. I say...........Hire them." "Well you heard your cousin. Imma have you boys cleaning so grab a broom and mop." "Yes ma'am."They both said and went straight to work. "At least I can keep an eye on him.Those two been hanging around some bad kids. So far they haven't gotten in trouble. I don't know what I would do if Angel decided to bang or something stupid like that." "That's one thing I'm scared about for Gio. After Antonio I've been worried about who he's going to hangout with or be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All Antonio was trying do was calm down a fight. And now look. He's gone just like that." "Does Gio know who he is yet?" "Not. Never thought about telling him." "You should. Maybe tonight. Antonio is a big part of you life." "Your right." "Who Mommy?"Gio asked over hearing. "Tell him."Auntie Monique said. "Come on let's go to Grandma and Grandpas house.I'll tell you who." "Ok." We left the bakery heading to my parents. After 20 minutes and we made it to the house.I told Mom what I was going to do and she agreed. We walked into my old bedroom and I sat him on the bed. I grabbed a box I kept in my closet bringing it over. "This is who Auntie and I were talking about."I said showing him a picture.

"He has tattoos like Daddy."Gio smiled. "Yeah.He does." "What's his name?" Gio asked grabbing the picture. "Antonio.He was Mommy's best friend and your uncle." "My uncle?"He asked. "Yes.I gave you his middle name Giovanni." "Where is Uncle Tonio?" "He is in a beautiful place with God watching over us."I said not knowing how to tell him. "So I cant meet Uncle?"He asked sad. "Here. Uncle Tonio gave this to me when I was going to have you. It's basically your early birthday gift. He was too excited to wait."I said pulling out a jewelry box. I opened the box revealing the gold name tag bracelet and placed it around Gio's wrist.

"We can go get your named engraved later on ok." "Ok.What else is in the box?"Gio asked looking inside. "Old pictures and things he's given me." "I want a picture."He said digging through. "Pick any one you want." "Ok." As he looked through the pictures I remembered it's his birthday soon and it's been a while since I visited his grave. I can take Gio maybe. I don't know. I feel like I should, but ugh. I did tell him and that's the first step. "I want this one and this one."He said holding up two pictures. "I have picture frames at home we can put them in.Come on. It's late. You have day care and Momma has work." "Ok."

I put the box back in my closet and took Gio's hand walking down the stairs saying bye to my parents. I helped Gio buckle up and I got into the drivers side starting the car playing music. Gio sat in the back singing along to the songs. Once we got home I got Gio bathed and into bed. I decided to take the pictures and put them in a frame for him. I remember this picture. Antonio and I decided to hangout just the two of us and go to the mall.I was pregnant with Gio. Actually about 2 months.

~FlashBack~ "What ones should I get?"Antonio asked looking at all the displayed Jordans. "What about Tims. Get the red ones."I said walking over to the Timberlands. "But Jordans." "You asked. The red would look nice on you.Maybe I can get the baby matching ones." "Alright.Alright. The baby and I can be matching."He said touching my stomach. "Oh congratulations.With you both being the parents. You're going to have a beautiful baby."Said a random lady. I was about to deny us being a couple then Antonio jumped in. "Thank you.Hoping my baby takes after Mom.She beautiful."Antonio said wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "He's a keeper."She said smiling and walked away with her family. "Did you hear that. She said I'm a keeper."He smiled. "Boy don't flatter yourself. I think she wanted you." "Yeah right. She got a family."He smiled. "And?"I laughed. "Shut up and let's get these Tims." "Oh and after let's go to Victoria's Secret." "Really.What for?" "I need bras. Duh." He lightly shoved me and we asked to try on the Tims. He agreed they looked good and bought himself a pair. "Want a pair for the baby still?"He asked. "We can get them later." "Ok.Now lead the way to Vicky's" We both headed to Vivky's and I began looking around with him following. "Get this."He said holding up a very VERY sexy bra. "No." "Come on. I like it." "Then get it for your girlfriend." "Really. You know I don't have a girl." "Who's fault is that.Not mine."I said pointing to myself. "Yes it is." "How?" "Because you never like the girls I pick." "Boy you a have a Thot radar on you or something because that's all you find."I said laughing and walking away. "Gia.Gia.I pick decent girls...Sometimes." We continued shopping and decided to go get some food. Plus my feet are hurting.I hate these sandals. Once we were in the car I took the opportunity to take a picture. DAMN my best friend is good looking. "Let me see."He said grabbing my phone."Damn I'm good looking."He said handing it back. "Boy." "You know it's true.Now what does my best friend want to eat?" "Anything.Except fish." "No fish it is." He grabbed my hand and spoke. "Gia.I'm so glad I have a beautiful best friend like you. Who knew this friendship was going to last after I accidentally hit you with a football." "You know that wasn't an accident." "Ok it wasn't. I just needed a way to get your attention, but anyways I love you."He kissed my hand and continued looking at the road. "I love you too Best Friend." ~End Of FlashBack~ I felt my eyes water remembering that day. We always had a good time. Now all I have is memories. Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋@MarrickeJ33@BBxGD @xroyalreisx@LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯@BBxGD@royalpandajedi@PrettieeEmm@MelissaGarza@Starbell808@MaelstromVIP@SashaKmseoul@FromBlue2U@Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @LiyahBoon@AlenaSegura@Airess95@Caky@EvilGenius@IsoldaPazo@JohnEvans@SimplyAwkward@Tabili@VeronicaArtino Tag List!@EvilGenius@LizaNightshade@BrianaSmalls@AimeeH@kpopandkimchi@shellyfuentes70@megancurrent9 @Sailynn@BekiKunstman@Annaharris1989@AraceliJimenez@catchyacrayon@PassTheSuga@JamiMilsap@MissT615@LinnyOk@resavalencia@3SecondsOfHope@petname83@VatcheeAfandi99@RebeccaLondon @twistedlove@amobigbang@lovetop@Ambie@LysetteMartinez@sarahdarwish@MelissaGarza@SatinSkies@MzDawson31508@luna1171@lilbr0wneyes@jessicaacosta90@katyng52@exolover101@yaya12@BreeMassey@Starbell808@FromBlue2U@TiffanyDixon@chenisbaekasy@tiffany1922@YviLole15@QueenPandaBunny

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