Beautiful Liar (Vixx Fanfic:Chained Up Book 3)

*Warning Smut*

Chapter 6


~Ravi's P.O.V~

I stood in front of Lei's family house. The weather was now turning from fall to winter. I could see my hot breathe against the cold air. I ran my hand in my hair as I sighed for the billionth time.

Nisha kicked me out of the house and wouldn't let me back in until I brought Lei back. I knew, I was going to face Lei sooner or later. I would have it been later but I had to tell her who the leader was of the clan we didn't know of.

"Are you just going to stand there in the cold or come in?" A voice said behind me. He was holding a brown paper bag full of groceries.

I look at him surprised as I didn't say anything to him. "Look you been standing here for the past thirty minutes, looking at my house. I know why your here. So do you want to come in or not. I can't promise that we won't kill you but I can promise we will be on our best behavior for now."

I was able to find the courage to nod my head and follow him in the house.

"I'm home!!!" He yelled as he shut the door after I stepped in.

I heard foot steps pounding against the floor. One by one, they took turns greeting their brother. Until one caught eye contact with me.

"What's the leech doing here?" He growled between his teeth. All heads turn towards me as I rub the nape of my neck.

"I invited him in, so be on your best behavior. Okay?"

"Kisu, why?"

"He been standing out our house for the past thirty minutes. Plus I believe our sister and him have to work out their differences. As much as I hate to say this but someday he will be our brother in law." Kisu told his younger brothers. Majority of them look un-pleased by the thought of me being a brother in law.

"Lei is upstairs, I'm sure you can find her room. If you need anything just come to us." He told me before leaving the room. I looked up the staircase. Taking one step at a time felt like a lifetime went by.

I could smell Lei's scent as I walked with it and ended up in front of her door. I took deep breathes before raising my hand up to knock. A soft rap came from my knuckles against the wooden door. There was no response so I knocked again.

"Go away!!!!" I heard Lei's voice through the door. My heart pace begin to pace fast. I knocked again and waited.

"What part of go away, do you not understand" Lei said opening her door. I was breath taken by her change of appearance. Her long hair was now cut at jaw length with red auburn highlights in her black hair. It had a wavy style to it. She was wearing a v neck long sleeve sweater with black jeans that fit her well. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned up against the door frame.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, her head tilted to the right a little bit, making me go crazy. I couldn't answer because I was starstrucked by her. Hearing her voice was like a beautiful angel speaking to me. "Well?" giving me a questioning look. I couldn't take it anymore, I need her more then anything.

I stepped up to her, cupping my hands on her cheeks and pressing my lips onto hers. At first she was trying to push me off but she soon slide her arms around my neck and kissed back. My hands gliding down passed her ass. I lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I walked into her room. The door shut behind us as I placed both of us on her bed. I pulled my lips away from hers and kissed down her jaw as her breathless pants filled the rooms. My hand slide under her sweater that was showing skin. My fingers traced the thin fabric of her bra. I could feel Lei fidget under me as I message her breast and nibble on her neck.

"Wonshik" she moaned as she arched her back, that gave me access to her breast that was showing from the v neck of the sweater. "You don't know how much I been wanting to do this" I said against her skin. I could feel the shivers going through her body. I took the hem of her sweater and took it off of her. She took my jacket and shirt off of me and traced her hand down my abs where her hand brushed the hem of my jeans. Our eyes meet for a second before she looked down at my jeans and started unbuttoning them as I did to hers.   

She looked beautiful under me in her lacy bra and panties. I glide my fingers down her body, leaving her breathed hitched and her body shivering under my touch. I smirked as I placed kisses on her abdomen. I kissed her core through her panties and made my way to her thighs. I could see her arch her back as she gasp.

"Lets see how wet you are kitten?" I whispered against her core as I pulled her panties off. I licked my tongue against her clit as she gasped and moaned. Giving her this sensation, made a smirk creep on my face. Giving her one more lick before pumping my fingers into her. Adding another finger, I swirled my tongue on her nipples as she ran her fingers though my hair. 

"Please." she panted.

"Please what Kitten?" I wanted to hear what she was begging for. I wanted to please her all night with every sweetness I could give her. 

"Please Wonshik, I need you inside me." I smirked as I placed a kiss on her lips before entering her. I could feel her fingernails digging into my should as her walls tighten around my dick. When she gave me a nod, I slowly thrust into her. I was able to move in a faster pace as we were both moaning at the pleasure.  I could feel our climax reaching to our limits.Thrusting into her more. I released my cum inside her as she cums too. 

I panted in the crook of her next as she ran her fingers on the back of my neck. I pulled myself out of her and laid next to her as I pulled her close to me. We were facing each other, I caressed her cheek as she kept playing with my hair. 

"I'm sorry Kitten for all of what I done." I said giving my best shot of apologizing to her. I wouldn't care if she didn't forgive me, I couldn't forgive myself either but as long as she stayed next to me where I could be with her forever, I would be okay with that. "I was an ass, I treated you in a harsh way. I wanted us to start our relationship but I messed it up before it even started."

"Shh, it's okay Wonshik. I forgive you." She said as she cuddled closer into me. I could smell her hair that was coated with jasmine smell. I lowered my lips to kiss hers as she kissed me back. Light giggles and a smile came from her. It was silence between us as we laid there.

'"Kitten, I have something very important to tell you?" I said. She looked at me with curious eyes and nod for me to continue. "I know who the female vampire is associated with. The night you left....I went home to find a old family friend having dinner with us. When he reached out to grab the food on the table, I saw the tattoo of the rose with the pentagram in the middle of it. I came to conclusion that he is part of the clan."

 I watched her face expressions change as She thought for a minute. "Can you tell me more about this old family friend?"

I sighed as I could see the images of the castle burning down, my mother screams echoing through the halls, Hyuk being thirteen and crying as he and us his older brothers watch our parents getting murdered in front of us, Butler Lee rushing us out of the castle. "It all started when we were teenagers. N was eighteen, Leo was seventeen. Ken was sixteen, I was fifteen, Hongbin was fourteen, Hyuk was thirteen. My parents were the king and queen of the night world. We had a close family friend that we would visit at his church every Sunday night for service. He was Priest Nam. It was late summer night, my brother and I were all in the reading room, doing our studies when there was ruckus echoing through the halls. We all dropped our books and ran to see that our home was in flames. Our dad was fighting off the people that was attacking him. My mom was too shocked to grasp of what was happening. None of us was moving as we watch this clan of unknown people dressed in black robes ruining our home. One of them surpassed my dad and made his way to my mom where we all watched that person stab our mom. By the look of her face expression, she knew who it was that attacked our home. It wasn't long until Butler Lee dragged all of us out of the castle, where we ran for our lives until we got to a safe house that our parents made in case something like that happened. There we were all too stunned to do anything. Hyuk being the youngest cried every night as us his big brothers tried to comfort him. A couple of years went by and N was at the age of becoming King himself but he gave that up.... We all did. Being King wasn't worth to anything us but only a death wish. So we gave a thought of a democracy. We chose the best people for the job and they were to become the leaders of the night world. My brothers and I were able to live our lives quiet until three beautiful ladies brought us trouble." I told her my story. She laid there taking in every thing I said.   

"Were you able to find the clan that killed your parents?" She asked. I shook my head no. "N and Leo never got a lead on the clan. We don't know if the clan is still going or not." I told her. She gave a small nod and there was a knock on the door. 

"Lei its time for dinner.... Are you going to eat?" A voice called through the door. 

"We're coming." Lei called out to her brother. I could hear his step foot walking down the hall. Lei and I got up from the bed and got dress to our best to give her brother the hint that we had sex. 

She held my hand as we made our way down the stairs. Her brothers were in the kitchen talking up a storm about the topic they were on.

They stopped when we walked in. I could feel some of their eyes on me.

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