Wrestling w/ BTS scenarios ๐Ÿ’ช(19+ imagination)

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Omo my fellow BTS ์•„๋ฏธ and soon to be BTS ์•„๋ฏธ.

So I was scrolling through the world wide web and fell upon a gif which took me to this Tumblr link and yall, I came upon the cutest/fluff/19+ imagination scenarios.


I love them and with permission am posting them:

**credit to omgbigbangtanboys**

Seokjin Oppa

You pinned him down with such ease you knew he was letting you take control. Jin was never one to like being the dominant one so the minute you grabbed his wrists and pinned him down he smiled. "Such a good boy." You smiled grinding your hips down into him causing him to groan. You could only giggle at the sound he made.

Yoongi Oppa

He wasn't the one who even wanted to wrestle with you, you just kept pushing & pushing to the point where he picked you and pinned you against the wall. The moment your back hit the wall your eyes doubled in size. "Now what did I say about bothering me like that princess?" Yoongi wouls ask pressing harder agaisnt you. You felt him, there was no way you couldn't with him pressed in between your legs like that. "I-" "Will be a good, right princess?" He spoke grinding his hips into yours. You nodded quickly wrapping your legs around his waist.

Hoseok Oppa

Hoseok smiled down at you, you arms pinned above your head while he brought his lips down to trail your jaw. ayou only extended your neck in response letting him have more access. "Such a good girl." He mumbled against your neck. You loved giving him what he wanted, but even more so you loved to tease him. You wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him down agaisnt your barely clothed body. You felt him stiff up above you and you weren't just talking about his body.

Namjoon Oppa

It was just a simple playful wrestling match you guys started. You jumping on his back and letting him fall against the bed. Namjoon quickly turned around smiling mischievously up at you. He very clearly had other things on his mind then you had originally planned out. "Nam-" You didn't even get to finish your sentence because he had pulled you down and kissed you with such force you knew exactly what was in store for you tonight.

Jimin Oppa

He thought it was funny, you wanting to wrestle him and thinking you could actually beat him. He was going along with it thoigh, letting you pin him for a second before he flipped you over, grabbing your waist and soon being the one on top. You two were still a fairly new couple so when he saw you freeze and eyes widen he immediately asked whats wrong. "U-Um..Y-Your.." Jimin followed your eyes seeing that it was his boner that was what made you freeze. He couldn't help but be embarrassed seeing you're reaction to this let alone a little wrestling match to make him get like this.

Taehyung Oppa

The minute you pinned him down and straddled his lap, Taehyung's eyes got dark staring up at you. You didn't notice his eyes at first, only happy that you actually pinned him down and won the little match you two had. Your triumphant smile quickly fell down when Taehyung warned you to get up. You of course not listening to him only felt the reason why he wanted you to get up so badly. "Now..what are you going to do about this little problem now?" He spoke looking up at you.

Jeongkook Bae

You and Jungkook didn't play around too long. The moment he saw you trying to pin him down and get on top his dominant side came out and well seeing you pinned down underneath him may or may not have gotten him excited. Lets just say you two decided to continue wrestling underneath the sheets.



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