Kpop Fandom Opinion Challenge!


With DAY6 currently voting on a fandom name, I've been thinking a lot about the ones that already exist.

So, I have 3 questions (you don't have to answer all) -

1. What's your favorite fandom name?

2. What's your least favorite?

3. Which fandom name would you like to change?

Leave your answers in the comments or make your own card!!!


1. Favorite Name

Perhaps it is because I am totally biased, but I genuinely love the fandom name for VIXX. Starlights are gender-neutral and age-neutral. It isn't trying to make us like VIXX's lovers or something lol. And they keep to the theme realy well with their concerts, merchandise, and even songs! So yeah, Starlights is my favorite name!


2. Least Favorite Name

I can't really think of a least favorite, but I think Boyfriend's is sort of hilarious. It's like the freind-zoned all of their fans by calling them Best Friends HAHAHAHHA but really I do think its cute, just funny to think of it as friendzoning :)


3. Which to change?

Honestly, Red Velvets could be something different and more fun! Like, REVELUV? I think we could be more creative than that :) Even something as silly as "Icing" because really, what is red velvet cake without its icing?

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