Belong to Them Ch.5 : Crying over spilt milk

Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.

Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....


You looked up and saw him standing behind you looking at Jay and then looking at you.

"Dad? What are you doing in Seoul?" You asked.

You stood up and gave him a hug knowing that if you didn't he'd start to complain about it. He took a seat from another table and sat down,

"I'm here on business but I came here to get a little food when I saw you two in here." he answered.

"Mr.Lee I didn't know you were her father." Jay smiled.

Your father nodded and you looked to Jay,

"Wait you two know each other?" you asked.

Jay nodded and your father said,

"Yes, he was actually the first one I saw. I did some work with him so I came over to say hi when I noticed you too. Are you two on a date?"

There was the ever so awkward question. He was nosey as ever but you weren't the one to hold back information when you were face to face with him. You mostly danced around the truth. You didn't need to lie about Jay though, you sighed and said,

"Um no he's a friend of my boyfriend so we just came out to eat."

"You have a boyfriend now? Who is he?" Your father asked.

"He works with Jay his name is Jung Kiseok." You said feeling awkward.

Your father looked at you curiously for a second and then looked to Jay.

"I don't remember him." Your father said.

You sighed almost as if to say thank God.

"He's CEO of his own business but we have an individual company we co-own. It was kind of how we started out and then we just expanded and made new companies while keeping the old one." Jay explained.

"You two are busy boys." your father said.

Jay chuckled and said,

"Yes we are sir, it pays to be the boss though, we can slack off when ever we want."

Jay laughed and your father followed. You were staring at your father the whole time. His job didn't have him travel alot. You wondered what he was doing that he would even happen to meet Jay at all. The last time you two saw each other he was calling you a whore just like your mother. The only time he ever talked about her was if he was calling her a whore. You didn't know her name or what she looked like but you supposedly looked just like her. He didn't want you to act like her. Just because you were pretty didn't mean that you should get things easily he always said. Your father wore you down, you sometimes thought he was bipolar, one minute he loved you, cherished you and treated you like a father should treat his daughter and the next he was calling you... well a whore. The fact that he was sitting down next to you acting as if the last time you two met was all sunshine and rainbows instead of a huge blow out unnerved you. You went back to eating as they talked and you looked out the window thinking if Kiseok were here things might've been a blow out again.

Your father patted your thigh bringing you out of your thoughts and you looked to him while pulling a fork out of your mouth.


"I said when can I meet this boyfriend of yours?"

"Well- um. He won't be back in Seoul until next month I'm afraid you'll be gone by then." you said.

"Well I'll be back up here some time soon the company in Gwang-Ju has me all over the place."

"You're from Gwang-Ju you never told me that." Jay said looking at you.

"You didn't really need to know. It was nothing fancy we lived in a house with four walls same as everyone else." You said feeling nervous.

"She got into a lot of trouble in Gwang-Ju. A few boys used to harrass her there." Your father said.

"Yeah story of my life. Look dad I don't think Jay really needs to hear this." you said quickly trying to shut him down.

The way you lived back in Gwang-Ju and the things that happened to you. Maybe that was the reason you lacked ambition.... It was stolen from you. So many people back in your home town took advantage of you even people that you called friends. That's why you thought you were independent, doing things on your own and trying your hardest to not depend on anyone. Yet you needed people just to survive. You needed roommates because you weren't making enough money, you needed your father because your jobs were shit aside from stripping and you only did that to pay bills. You even needed Kiseok. There was no independence in you, there was a struggling girl that didn't know where her next meal was coming from and what she would do next if she lost her boyfriend.

Your life revolved around Kiseok and when he told you, you were his everything for once you just felt like you were imporant and special to someone. That no one could mistreat you because Kiseok was always behind you. No one could freely touch you or hurt because he was going to protect you. Yeah you were dependant alright, you needed Kiseok because the moment you left him or he left you, you'd be alone again. Stripping to survive and taking on dick head roommates again just to survive. The sad part was that Jay was right, you were smart. You graduated with grades so good you could've gone to any college or university you wanted even after you stopped living with your father. You could've gotten a free ride...


You quickly stood up and walked away from the table,

"Where are you going?" Jay asked.

You didn't answer you headed for the exit.

"Yah! Y/n!" He yelled as you stepped outside.

God you wished you still smoked you could use a cigarette right now. Your hands were shaking, you thought about it too much. Gwang-Ju was a place you'd never go back to. Fuck that place, fuck everyone in it. Jay came outside to see what was wrong with you. You were staring at the pavement just trying to calm yourself down.

"You can't just walk out like that I'm entrusted to keep an eye on you." Jay said softly.

You nodded but continued to try and stop the shaking. It's been a while since you thought about Gwang-Ju. You moved to Seoul just because, you never really thought about how far away it was or if it was safer here than there it was just another city and a way out. You ran your hand through your hair and leaned your head back against the building to sigh. You looked up at the sky, your other arm held onto your body. You bit your lip, a sign of stress in its purest form, at least for you. This was what threw you off about your father, he knew he shouldn't even remotely bring up that past. He shouldn't even hint to it much less tell someone that was a stranger about it.

He may have known Jay but he was still a stranger to you. You should be the one to tell him if you wanted him to know. You sniffed and then wiped your face,

"Shit, I'm crying. I didn't mean to do that." You said oddly calm for a crying person.

"It's okay Y/n just breathe. You're shaking, what's wrong is it your dad? Are things not good with him?"

You laughed,

"Nothing is ever entirely good with that man. I get a father sometime and then a jackass other times I just never know with him."

"He didn't seem that bad. I mean what did he do?" Jay asked trying to understand this little mini episode you were having.

You looked out at the street,

"I don't think I've ever told Kiseok about Gwang-Ju. You can't ever mention it to him. He'll drill me and not in the way I like."

Jay chuckled and cupped your cheek,

"Well at least you still have a little bit of humor in you. What happened in Gwang-Ju? I'm sure he knows you have a little trouble maker side." he smiled suggestively.

"I never made trouble Jay- trouble found me. All the time. He's right I lack ambition to do anything really, any ability to have ambition, pride or self worth has been eradicated from existence by him and so many others. Gwang-Ju is just another part of my past I'd rather keep buried."

"Speaking from experience burying an unresolved past never stays in the ground forever. It's like a zombie, it pops up and comes after you wanting to eat away at your very existence the only way to really take it down," he pressed his forefinger gently in the middle of your forehead.

"Is to strike it head on." he said.

"That's a cute analogy Jay but I can promise you, that's easier said than done."

He gave a little smile like yeah you were right but he still stuck to his guns. You looked across the street and saw a man on his phone wearing sunglasses staring at you and Jay. You recognized something about that though. The same guy who assualted you when Kiseok was away. You looked down and grabbed Jay to pull him close to you. You buried your face in his chest and he wrapped his arms around you.

"I thought you didn't want me touching you princess?" Jay chuckled.

"The guy that assautled me. I think he's here, watching us." You said cautiously looking up at him.

Jay's face became serious. He held onto your shoulders and looked you in the eye while allowing his body to shield you.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

You nodded.

"Where is he?" Jay whispered.

"Across the street by the-" You looked over his shoulder for a second and he was gone.

"He's not there any more. He was by the Starbucks over there. He's gone. He was watching us." You said.

"Okay we're going to get you to my building, there are cameras there and security. I need to go and pay for lunch let's go inside." Jay said.

He pulled you inside and you looked behind yourself. You were curssing in your head. Kiseok had every right to be paranoid. He was in custody for three months and you had a restraining order. He couldn't come near you. Although, a piece of paper didn't mean shit if his intent was to kill you for filing charges. You bit your lip harder and Jay came up to you gently touching your face to pull your lip from between your teeth.

"Come on don't do that he'll be upset if you cut your lip." He said gently.

You were surprised how he wasn't showing any alarm but your body was on full alert. You were trembling a little more. Your father looked at you,

"What's going on?"

"Trouble Appa. Trouble." was all you could say.

Jay took you to the counter and just paid there and pulled you out of the store with your father following behind.

"Will you be alright?" he asked.

"Yes." You called back while speed walking to the car with Jay.

Jay opened the car door for you and you got in. You called out the window to your father,

"I'll call you." you said.


Why was he here in Seoul in the first place?

"Y/n everything is going to be okay you know that right? I'll keep you safe. If Kiseok didn't trust me enough to do that he wouldn't have put me in charge of you. Mintaek is pretty badass himself, you'll be safe with us."

Yeah you knew a bit about Mintaek being badass. That most of his connections behind the club were dirty and in league with some mafia members. Whether Kiseok or Jay was apart of that you didn't know but you knew that at the very least Jay knew about his connections which meant that Kiseok probably was aware of his connections too. That's why he trusted them both. Kiseok's trust in these two men were fine and all but you wished now more than ever that he had taken you with him. You sighed and your phone rang. It was Kiseok, it was right around the time for his call. You stared at it.

"Answer it." Jay said.

You hit end.

"No, I know he'll be mad. He'll probably tell you to punish me but I just can't- I can't talk to him right now. Not with my father and the stalker. I can't do it."

"He's going to call me and I'm going to have to tell him the truth Y/n." Jay warned you.

"Tell him the truth. Tell him his girlfriend is already about to lose her mind, three days after he's left." You said looking out the window.

The two days you had spent with him were like heaven, you loved it. It felt like you two belonged together and now it was like your past was doing exactly what Jay said it would. It dug itself up to come after you again. Life wasn't perfect, maybe you two shouldn't even be together. Maybe that would save him from the destruction you were going to face.

Jay's POV

With the arrival of her father, Jay was pretty surprised that she was so shook all of a sudden. It was just the mention of Gwang-Ju that had her rattled. Kiseok had told him almost everything there was to know about her. All the information Kiseok knew about Y/n he passed onto Jay. Her little habits, the way she pressed her lips when she was about to lie or how she bit her lip when she was stressed. The more stressed she became the harder she bit her lip. Writing on her computer helped her relax more and it kept her quiet when he needed to get work done. Jay was already aware that she wasn't going to be needy with him. Aside from the fact that Kiseok had given her the business for the past two days, she didn't want Jay touching her and Jay was going to keep his word. Plus, even if she started to get sexually frustrated, she knew that she was going to see Kiseok in two weeks and Jay was sure he was going to have his way with her.

Kiseok must've not known about Gwang-Ju though and it was obvious that he had never met her father. They had worked in business together in Jay's seperate company but he had no idea that he was the father of Kiseok's winning girl. Y/n changed him so much and he could tell by how smart she was that she was an amazing person as far as academics went but aside from her being good looking he wondered: what made Kiseok so crazy about her? He was very protective of her and he was determined not to let her go but both Mintaek and Jay had foreseen that some bad things may happen if he fell deeper and deeper for Y/n. No matter how many times Jay told Kiseok to keep things casual he always looked for something more. He tried to hold off more with Y/n. Jay knew he had because he hadn't told her he loved her yet.

With a two year relationship, Kiseok normally gave his I love you's away like a pencil for breast cancer support. Y/n seemed despreate to hear those words and they were probably what she needed most as his girlfriend but Kiseok loving her was dangerous. When she said that trouble always found her Jay couldn't help but think that she had been bedding trouble for two years now and hadn't even known it. Now Kiseok's past was coming back to haunt him. She was clearly disturbed by it too even though she didn't know that her attacker was connected to Kiseok. That's how he knew they'd come back.

Kang Minho was always watching and waiting for his perfect moment to get back at Kiseok for what he did. Jay understood a man had needs but even Kiseok should've been careful and just not taken a girlfriend. What happened to the last one had damaged him enough and he was so invested into Y/n that he feared, if something did happen to her, things were only going to get worse.

He got her back to the office and took her to the top of the building. He took her to his office and closed the door while she got on her computer. She hadn't said a word since she was in the car. She was still nibbling on her bottom lip when he walked out, she was really stressed out and he didn't blame her. Jay called Kiseok,

"Why isn't Y/n answering her phone?" was the first thing Kiseok said when he answered his phone.

Jay sighed,

"She's a bit stressed out right now. I don't think she can talk to you."

"Well I think that's more of a reason for me to speak to her, put her on the phone." Kiseok said,

"Look, just wait a second okay. We were out at lunch and her father popped up out of no where and started talking to us."

"Okay? I mean I know she has some problems with him but what happened to stress her out?"


"Fuck he's already after her again?" Kiseok said annoyed.

"I think he's just watching her right now. Remember what happened with Mina she saw him a couple times while she was out. This was a few times before he did anything to her."

"If he touches her Jay-"

"I know but don't go there right now. She's in my office, she's staying at my place. Mintaek is watching her. We've worked out a system. She's never without us okay. We've got eyes on her." Jay said.

"I want to speak to her."

"I really think you should give her a second to collect herself. I think if you talk to her right now you're just going to stress her out more. I will make sure she answers your third call before bed tonight okay. I'll answer the phone myself and put you on speaker if she refuses." Jay promised.

Kiseok sighed,

"He must've been watching me, waiting until I left her again. It's been such a long time I thought he'd given up after what he did to Mina."

"He took Mina through a psychological trip. He knows the women you chose Kiseok, he does his research. I can't believe after all he's done three months in jail is all he got." Jay shook his head.

"You're telling me. Still I don't know what he could do to her that could break her and I really don't want to fucking find out. Maybe I should've just taken her with me. That's what she wanted." Kiseok said.

Jay sighed, as much as he wanted Y/n protected Kiseok's focus on the company was imporant and not just the one they shared.

"I think this is just the best solution Kiseok. We can kind of draw him out and figure out what he's doing and then we can finally catch him for good. End all of this and hopefully Y/n will be safe and you won't find yourself burying a girlfriend or sending them to a psycheward."

"He's starting to really piss me off." Kiseok grumbled into the phone.

He's just now starting? Come on Kiseok he should've been pissing you off a long time ago bro

Jay would've said this but adding salt to the wound just wasn't needed. For now, he'd done what he was asked to do. He kept Y/n out of harms way and he'd informed him of things that had happened. Minho was probably trying to figure out what he wanted to do next. Jay had no idea where his mind would go this time he just knew he needed to keep Y/n in his sights at all times....








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