Comedy Duo part 4

A short little chapter to fill in the time. I hope you like it.


Half way through the plane ride something dawned on Haley. She grabbed ahold of my arm and squealed.

“Do you realize that My bias touched your phone and yours touched mine” she said.

“Hmm hadn't thought of that” I shrugged than narrowed my eyes. “I'm not trading phone cases with you” I told her.

“Whyyy! I want your phone case” Haley exclaimed.

“No, you made fun of it” I pouted “ I think its adorable and fuzzy and soft and I want the dead bunny” Haley ranted making me pause.

“You want the dead bunny?” I slowly questioned “there is something wrong with you” I stated.

“I'm special not wrong” she retracted.

We bickered about the phone cases another couple minutes before Berry literly took my phone away from me.

“Now I have the bunny, phone, you girls do something else but fight over it” he said.

“But you have my phone” I said as he rambled on making little sense.

“Oh” he looked at my phone, took the case off and handed me my phone back.

“I'm getting that back later” I narrowed my eyes at him.

After that I wrote out what happened during the day hoping I could use it as some material.

Several hours later the plane landed and we were officially in Korea.

“Can we wait til most people are gone before we get off?” I asked Haley and Barry.

“Why?” Haley questioned.

“Less people to fight through” I shrugged “plus I'm not really wanting to be in a big crowd yet” I added making haley laugh.

“alright fine” haley agreed.

10 minutes later he majority of people were gone so we got our stuff and started heading towards the front of the plane.

We weren't the only ones on the plane still we passed a group of people still in their seats talking in Korean to each other.

One of them looked at us and said keep moving since there was a little hold up, we couldn't actually go anywhere.

“Go, go” the man motioned, but there was still people in front of us.

“If I could move I would” I grumbled looking over at why he would be saying that. Sure enough there was a group of guys still seated and playing on their phones.

The lines moving” Barry said. I moved and a few moments later we were in the airport. We walked towards the baggage claim to get our bags and made for the exit. Fans were waiting there, camera’s out and signs in the air cheering for BTS.

“That is one hell of a welcome wagon” Haley said.

“Look we get a sign too!” I pointed off to the side where a man had a white sign with Ales and Hales written on it.

“Its the driver” Barry said.

We passed the crowd and went to the sign with our names.

“What a way to be greeted” I said after we were situated in the car and heading to the hotel.

“I know I've never had a driver before” Haley giggled.

“I've never had someone hold a sign with our names on it” I said.

“I've never been greeted in a different language. “ Haley said.

“Welp I've never been in a private limo in a foreign land” I said, by this time we were both giggling like little girls and just continuing on until we got to the hotel playing I never.

We got into the hotel, which was more fancy than we expected, it had its own pool and workout center, Plus was more the 4 stories tall.

The room we got was 2 double beds and was quite a large room, Barry got his own room considering he was male.

The first thing Haley did when we entered the room was drop her bags the go and jump on the bed. I laughed at her.

Later that night the three of them went out for dinner with a couple people who owned the comedy club they would be doing.

It was an interesting place they had dinner at and as they spoke to the owners they found out that the club had tickets sold out within a week of announcing the duo would be there. Exchanging a look between their manager and each other the girls burst into excited laughs.

“I wonder if there is any way to get tickets for the guys from bts” Haley sighed.

“You want tickets?” The owner asked.

“Uh, yes, we met a few people on our ride here and said they could come to a show” Haley said. “Actually they are a bit more famous than us and thought it would be awesome to have them there” Haley explained than named the group getting a reaction out of the couple.

“A second night. The following week than” the owner announced “we give you 8 tickets to give them” he added.

“That would be great! A second show!” Barry was happy with this turn of events.

“Now you go on tomorrow at 8pm until 10 pm” the owner went to explain how the next night will go over.

By the time it was over Haley and Allie were ready to just explore a bit. Going off on their own they spend the next several hours exploring.

The next morning they had a game plane, during the day they would go by the music buildings, big hit, jyp, and a few more that was close by to the radio station they were due to be at.


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