Caged Inside Of You (54 장)

The eldest said, “He's against us. What should we do with him? You tried to kill baby brother? What the hell is wrong with you?! I was going to let you go but now…” he hit the manager in the back of the head, making his nose hit ground, it started to bleed.

The dark one, smiled a crooked smile, the kind that someone smiles when lightning strikes, “I know... I know what we can do with him.”

The eldest gave him a curious look, “What?”

The dark one patted the managers back hard, “So, you like locking young girls in the basement?” he started grinning even more, “let's see how long you can survive down there.”

The eldest grinned, “Yes! Why didn't I think of that. That's good dongsaeng, that's really good.” His little brother smiled proudly.

“I have the key, it's in my locker.” the maknae said, he turned to her and kissed his noona, “You wait here.”

She wanted to go with him, she followed him as far as the roof entrance. He turned to her, giving her another kiss, “stay here, I'll be right back.”

She slowly walked back to where the guys were with the manager. They had pulled him up onto his knees, one keeping their grip on his arms while the other patted him down taking everything, especially his phone. Noona walked past them, she looked over the edge of the roof, there were cars going by, and people. She went back to watching them handle the manager.

“What's your password, hyung?” The eldest asked, saying hyung like it was a joke but the manager scuffed, refusing to say anything. The eldest grinned, “that's okay… it's probably the same as last time…. OH! It is!” He looked through it, “Waaah, all these messages from 'the bitch’, I wonder who that could be.” he giggled.

“It could be useful.” Noona said suddenly.

“How do you mean?”

Noona took the phone, she scrolled through the messages, leaving certain ones. She found a few messages that had pictures of herself and her baby god, she glanced over at the manager, figuring he used them to piss that singer off. She deleted every single one before changing the contact name from ‘the bitch’ to ‘my heart’. And for a final touch, she downloaded a few photos of that singer and an article about her death. She handed the phone back the eldest, he looked through it.

“Ahhh, I see what you did” he said looking at in amusement.

She knelt down on one knee in front of the manager, looking him in the eye.

“Don't get too close” her dark god warned.

“You better not have hurt my friend.” She told him, “She's a precious young woman.”

It caught the eldest is attention, “What? Your friend, you mean that noona you hang out with? What did he do to her?”

Noona looked back at him, smiling at his reaction, and then told him, “While we were sleeping, he snuck into the flat and knocked her out with chloroform. At least, I hope that's all he did. She wouldn't wake up…” she got up looking around, “We need to hurry, I need to check on her.”

“Yeah, you'll be lucky if she wakes up at all” the manager said snickering.

Noona glared at him, “What the hell do you mean by that?”

He just grinned.

Without thinking, she headed for the door. The eldest went after her, stopping her halfway. He could see how worried she was.

“Don't go alone, let's all go. Let's finish this business here and go, okay? He won't like it if you just take off like this.” he said holding her arm.

“She could be in danger…”

That was when she heard her dark god hollering for help. They went back and saw him and the manager wrestling on the ground, the manager was gaining the upper hand, twisting her dark god's ankle, making him cry out in pain. From where they stood, they heard a pop, her dark god rolled around on the ground crying, holding his ankle. The eldest ran at the manager, trying to detain him again but he was met with blow after blow from the managers fists until he finally twisted the eldest is arm into his back and then kicked him from behind. The eldest stumbled forward, his face planting into a wall. He fell to the ground moaning.

Noona and the manager gazed at one another. Her head slowly moving from side to side, she wasn't about to let him leave.

This was it. The end.


The maknae came busting through the door. He was out of breath, his lungs and legs burned. He felt like he had taken too long finding that damn key but he found it. He held it tightly in one hand.

When he came around the gazebo, he found his hyungs lying on the ground. One sitting up and shaking his head like he was trying to wake and the other holding his ankle, staring off into the dark.

“What happened?” He said loud, he looked around and didn't see his noona anywhere, “Shit, where is she?!”

His hyung, rubbing the pain in his ankle, pointed. The maknae followed where he was pointing. All he could see was a small silhouette standing alone at the edge of the roof, it was his noona. When she came back into the light, she had a bloody nose and there was a cut on her cheek, her lip was bleeding as well. He was reminded of that day she came home in the same condition.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, “What happened?”

Noona was dazed, She saw the key in his hand, “We're not going to need that anymore.”

“What do you mean?” He asked. He was worried, then she looked back. He went over to the edge of the roof and looked down.

Down below, sprawled out on the concrete sidewalk was the shape of a man. He stepped back as soon as he saw people gathering around him. He went to her, he looked at her for a long time, he slipped his arms around her, her body was shaking, he could feel her heart beating against his chest. He whispered into her ear that it was okay, that it was going to be okay. She started sobbing. He reached down between them, putting his hand on her tummy. Through her tears, she tells him his little 개구리 was fine.

“We need to get out of here” the eldest said sounding a little groggy. He managed to get up and then pull the dark one up, “We need to get out of here without being seen. Noona, how did you get in?”

She snapped out of her daze, “Through the garage.”

They all started to walk to the roof entrance.

“Wait.” She went to the eldest, “the phone.”

He pulled the phone out and gave it to her. She ran back to where the manager had fallen from, she quickly wiped it clean and left it sitting on the ground. Originally, she thought once they had the manager locked up in the basement, they would leave his phone somewhere like in his car or office, or if they were able to, leave it at his house. She ran to catch up with the others but the only one waiting was her baby god. He smiled at her, holding his hand out.

All she could think was, “I've spilled blood for this man, he's mine forever.”

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