Sparkling Blackberry Mint Julep

Ingredients: *Small ice cubes *1/2 cup blackberries *4 tablespoons mint leaves torn in half *2 Tbsp simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar brought to boil just enough to melt sugar; cooled) *3 ounces bourbon *Prosecco or other sparkling wine *Mint sprigs and blackberries for garnish Preparation: 1. Fill a julep or small rocks glass overflowing with ice cubes. 2. In a shaker, muddle the blackberries, mint leaves and simple syrup. 3. Add 1 cup of ice cubes and bourbon to the shaker and shake well. 4. Strain the drink into the glass filling it 3/4 full. 5. Finish filling the glass with the Prosecco, gently stir to combine. 6. Gently press on the mint leaves for garnish to release their aroma before putting a bunch into each cocktail; finish with a blackberry and serve with a short straw.

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