Danger Pt 93

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"They're going to go do it." Tae said causing Belle to squeal.


"Dude you can't say it like that." Hobi started laughing.

"Why do you say that?" Belle was serious now.

"Oh they had this moment in front of a purse shop."

"The red fluffy one?" Belle asked knowing what one her friend wanted.

"Yeah, she really wants that purse and Yoongi really wants her."

"Tae that's not how a relationship works " Hobi interjected after he calmed down his laughing.

"Well...that was just my thought " Tae looked down and played with his fingers. Belle grabbed his hands. Tae looked at her shocked.

"It's cute, but too blunt." Belle smiled then let go of his hand. He smiled as well.

"OK let's go have an adventure." Hobi said as he stood up.

"Yay! let's go on an ADVENTURE." Belle said this and instantly thought of an old cartoon she had seen on YouTube. She turned to Tae.

"Come on Charlie, let's go on an adventure!"

"My names not charlie." Tae raised an eyebrow.

"Candy mountain Charlie Candy Mountain!" she continued

"This girl is cut off from coffee today." Hobi said as he walked out of the waffle house.

Belle just smiled to herself and followed Hobi. They ended up checking out some window shops and then Belle had an idea.

"Let's go dress up."

"Like in wedding dresses and suits?" Hobi asked

Belle had an evil grin on her face.

"No, like try on women's clothes. I bet you two will be very attractive women."

"You want us to dress up for you, is that right?" Tae asked


"Go ahead Hobi." Tae said trying to shoo Hobi into a store.

"Why me?" he asked not moving.

"You have already dressed up before so you'll do great."

"No if I've done it then you should do it, you haven't done it yet."

"True, Tae you really need to do it." Belle gave him puppy dog eyes.

"I can't....no stop don't look at me with those cute eyes." Tae was trying to fight the urge to do what Belle said.

"Why do I think we came in at an odd spot?" Everyone glanced at the person.

"Jimin! Jin! Namjoon! Kookie! perfect timing go dress up as women for me." Belle was really trying.

"No thanks, we want to go over there to that park and hang out it looks beautiful."Jin said pointing down a ways.


"Why don't you join us." Kookie said as he moved closer to Belle and put his arm around her.


"You have already seen a few of the members dressed up as girls, but today isn't going to be a day for that." kookie said

"Kookie you're so mean to me." Belle tried to push him away to show she was upset. He didn't let go. He smirked and moved real close to her. She froze.

"I will take you with me to that park." He whispered and she started to blush. He was too close.

"I...yeah park let's go." She said and quickly got away from Kookie and ran ahead. She ran a distance before stopping to walk. Her heart was beating so fast. That was awkward. Belle had walked past a few buildings. One of them called out to her. She diverted from her coarse and walked into it. Instantly she knew Eliza needed to get there. They were going to drink and spend time together. So she pulled out her phone and text Eliza.


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