Sunwoo Sunday


Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Sunwoo Sunday! For this week's theme, we are having a tug-a-war with our bias and bias wreckers. For me, my bias is Sunwoo and my wrecker is Suwoong. I'll be showing how Suwoong is trying to wreck Sunwoo as my Bias.

Sunwoo is my UB. He happens to my member also ; ) Here is video of his Instagram live. He is just too adorable in it. Sorry it Isn't sub.

Now for my wrecker, one of the flirtest man in the world, Suwoong! Here is Video of his Instagram live. He is cute and adorable. He is a natural flirt. The way he looks in the camera, he makes it look like he is looking into your soul. That is how he is wrecking Sunwoo. He needs to stop!

Well that's all for Sunwoo Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed it. Which member is your bias and bias wreckers?


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