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“It’s an honor to be compared to T-ara, but our concept was drawn from the motif of ‘Saturday Night Fever.'”

Here is their music video below

What do you guys think? Do you like the song? I know I do. The song and music video both have a familiar feel to me especially with all the T-ara reference but I was also reminded of Wonder Girls "Tell Me" from the chorus. Who else is feeling a bit nostalgic and loving the return to basic/original Kpop music?

And I know most of you aren't really fans of T-ara but do you think this is copying? Do you think they are copying anyone at all?

As a side note or reminder, it is interesting that T-ara is going to disband while this new girl group debuts in a style similar to one they have used in the past. I think that is the major reason why they are even being compared right now. Is this just a case of bad timing for the G-reyish or would neitzens have just done this any way? Personally I think they would get hate eventually and there are only so many new ideas people can have. I mean honestly high-waisted jeans are back in style again....

So leave your comments down below.

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