Shin ichi Fukuda - I Kiss Your Hand, Madame

오늘은 파리국제기타콩쿨 우승 경력의 Shinichi Fukuda 연주로 들어 봅니다. 쌀쌀한 가을에 제법 어울리죠? ㅎ Music by: Ralph Erwin Originally made famous by: Bing Crosby (Harry Lillis C.) From the Film: The Emperor Waltz 1929 (M) Lyrics: In dreams I kiss your hand, madame, your dainty fingertips, And while in slumberland, madame, I'm begging for your lips. I haven't any right, madame, to do the things I do. Just when I hold you tight, madame, you vanish with the night, madame. In dreams I kiss your hand, madame, and pray my dreams come true.

사진가, 소여니아 Photographer, Soyeonia
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