Heirs - Character Break down - Cha Eun Sang

Who is Cha Eun Sang in the upcoming drama "Heirs"? Her motto is “Be a rich while still young, or at least someone with a goal in mind.” “Cinderella’s glass slipper fell off and in the end she got to marry the prince.” 7 year old Eun Sang read this and thought that Cinderella must’ve have scraped up her feet when she lost her shoe, but Cinderella’s shoe served a deeper purpose. Eun Sang firmly believed this, and faced with a deaf mute mother, she had to grow up quickly. Since she was small she took care of everything for her mother – taxes, loan papers, insurance, there is nothing Eun Sang doesn’t know how to do as the de facto head of the house. But at the same time, she is embarrassed to be seen in public using sign language with her mom, so she instead uses Kakao talk even when they are face-to-face. She is just an 18 year old girl with the same insecurities. She dislikes having a mom who can’t talk, she hates that her mom is the housekeeper for a wealthy family. But what Eun Sang hates the most is that her responsibilities and duties in life make it impossible for her to travel abroad. She seems like a strong and sunny person, but in the deep recesses of her heart there is a small corner that is resentful. Every weekend she sees her friends on Facebook post about going to a steak house or a club, but all she does is head to ceremonial halls and convenience stores, of course those being the places where she works part time. When the same-age folks are dreaming of becoming doctors, teachers, and celebrities, Eun Sang dreams about “a stable office work job that pays 2 million won a month.” Eun Sang gets an international call from her older sister, who is in Australia with the help of Eun Sang’s financial assistance. She claims to have met a rich guy and is getting married. Eun Sang sees her older sister as her pride and joy, a role model. Eun Sang seizes this rare chance and uses the excuse that she’s personally delivering the money her mother prepared to give her older sister. But Eun Sang boards that plane to Australia with a thought that she’s never going back to Korea. But the older sister she sees in Australia is just a bar maid living with a perpetually drunk white guy. Forget about getting married, it’s all just a lie. Eun Sang’s dream illusion is shattered and she feels betrayed. She has a huge fight with her older sister and takes off. Eun Sang, who has nowhere to go, gets embroiled in a really preposterous incident and encounters Kim Tan. She ends up staying at his place. Eun Sang walks into Kim Tan’s apartment and thinks that this is what Cinderella must be thinking when she stepped foot in the Palace. The huge square footage and the luxurious decorations make her feel unable to breathe. Suddenly a girl arrives unannounced. She is his fiancée, how crazy that two 18 year olds could be engaged at this age? Who knows if its good fate or ill omen, when Eun Sang returns to Korea and on the first day she transfers schools, Eun Sang runs into Kim Tan again. With all the heirs running around Empire High School, Eun Sang can only claim to be the heir to the poor. And with that, her uneasy school life begins……

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