Makestar BAP update!

whoohoo! the project has over 400% of funds which has fans And B.A.P members benefiting!

At 350% the members were bought snacks and such!

at 400% They got a subway ad!!!

Now I'm not sure if it is a legitamite subway station or if it is for subway the restruants. it seriously could be either in my head. sigh subway advertisement is big lol

As another special update They put together 3 different looks for the photo book that you vote on for the final one they all look good!

Personally I like the third lol but I think I saw a teaser by zelo on Instagram so I biased it lol

okay now get ready for this! The event going on. . . .

(Did you see those 4 key words! )

(you read it right!)

morning Call ringtone!!!! Yes please please!

lol okay that's all up to date on Make star! lol

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Boy groups. @QueenPandaBunny@kitkatkpop@BabydollBre@inuyashagal@starbell808@Lelulgc@jjrockstar @SerenaArthurs@Gaarita100@SimplyAwkward

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