Gangsta Love: Debutante Society - Chp 2. New World


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You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new idenitity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.


~Month Later~




Lili was really an amazing her person, I swear. In a matter of one month, She not only help me get accustomed to my new life. She even got me a job at one of her friend's bars. My hair was no longer all black anymore, we had dyed it Azurite Blue. We had even went shopping, and I my wardrobe attire went from classic vintage, to 'finally finding me'.

I was finally happy for once in my life. I was earning my own money, paying my own bills, and free from my cursed so call parents. Yes, I walked around with a switch blade on me and mass. Not just to protect myself walking home from work at night, but just in case those psychos found me. I wasn't ever going back, and it felt right.

My new job, was being a bartender at one or two clubs. I had earn respect and a good rep in both clubs I worked at, that tonight I was asked to work in the VIP section. I had my hair braided to the side, and dressed in a tank top and leggings. Of course wearing comfortable shoes as well. VIP requests were easy to make, and the demand at the bar wasn't heavy either.

Compare to the general area of the club, the VIP bar was kind of dead. I was the only one working the bar main as my co-workers travel with the drinks they would make if I didn't make them. "Hey Sapphire... Think I can get a bottle of Henny?" I grabbed the bottle of Henny before turning to face a very handsome young man. He had a baby face, yet the way he style his hair, he looked his age.

"I haven't seen you over here before."

He smiled when we made eye contact, as he spoke. I just giggled and moved to put the dirty glasses in their proper place. He was gone when I looked back where I left him. I sighed lightly, because it was nice having a cutie like him interesting in me. I just went back to serving other customers, as well as helping my fello co-workers.

"I see you're not that busy, beautiful Sapphire."

I jumped a bit startled, while turning around to see he was back. I raised an eyebrow at him, for the nickname he kept calling me. "Y/N is my name... Not Sapphire." He seem highly interested in my comment about his nickname for you. "That's a beautiful name, but my nickname for ya was meant to be a compliment."

I did feel falter by his nickname though it was base off my hair color. "What can I get you prince charming." I winked at him, and noticed him biting his lower lip. "Honestly not in the mood to be drinking liquor tonight. Doesn't help my crew already drunk from celebrating."

I simply place a glass in front of him and gave him some water. "What you celebrating tonight? Being handsome? Getting the so call hot girl in bed?" The gentleman just chuckled as he shook his head. "Its actually a bacholar party, as well as celebrating his new born son's birth.

I felt stupid for my comments, though honestly who goes to a club the night your baby was born. "My bad, congratulations on becoming an uncle." He just smiled at me and nodded his head. My co-worker came over with a big order for one of the tables. She was smart and waited to they were drunk to sell the expensive stuff.

I help her make the drink orders, before getting the expensive bottle from the top self. I heard someone whistle, but pay it no mind. It could of been for anyone so I never really bother looking for the source. When I gave the bottle to my co-worker, they were giggling away. "I think that customer has a thing for you... He whistle the second you climbed the latter."

She told me in my ear, before going to serve her table. I turn to look over at the slick back hair man, at my bar. "It was you?" He didn't even hesitate and own up to being the one that whistle. "Not my fault you got a big ass. How can one not check you out."

I just shook my head, and went to send back the dirty dishes to the back. When I came back out, he was still there, nursing his glass of water. "You sure you don't want something else to drink?" He looked me over from head to toe, and back.

"Nah, if I drink I won't be able to remember the beautiful Sapphire working the bar. Plus I'm driving myself home. Need to be sober."

I looked away remember I still had some food packed from my break. "Give me a moment." I went to the back, and pulled out the other half of my homemade BLT sandwich. I held it behind my back, as I walked back over to the man. "You know what helps one sober up faster?"

He raised an eyebrow at me, wondering what I was planning. I slide the half BLT sandwich over to him. "I already ate the other half, and I feel full. You can have this half. Help you sober up." The man looked at the food before looking up at me. I place my finger to my lips and winked at him.

A smile appear along his lips, as he took the sandwich. I then walked away to go serve another customer. The man just stood at the bar during my entire shift. We talked from time to time, but he never once try to stop me from working. The club was getting ready to close, leaving him to be my only customer.

I stood in front of him, getting a sweet smile. "You done nursing your glass of water? The club is gonna be closing in five." His smile faded as he handed me the empty glass. "You know... I never caught your name sweetie." I said, while wiping the glass clean.


I purse my lips together to hold back a laugh. "Are you being serious?" Gray seem a bit surprised as he blinked at me. "Ne, I'm the artist Gray from AOMG? Don't tell me you never heard of me? Is that why you're so chill?"

He tilt his head a bit, seeming interested more infatuated with me. "Aniyo, sorry boo, but I have yet to get into the hip-hop music here. I'll do my homework though. So next time if I see you here, we could talk shop." I winked at him before bring the last glass to the back.

When I came back out he was long gone. I took a long deep breath before closing up the bar. I saw a piece of paper on the counter, where Gray was sitting. I just blinked at it, as I grabbed it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it just yet, so I waited until I was in the employee locker room to get my stuff, to read the note.

'Can't wait to see you again Y/N, my beautiful Sapphire. - Gray'

I just shook my head and thew the note out. I then headed out the back with one of my co-workers to leave for the night. I went in the direction that took me to my house when a black-blue BMW x5 drove up in front of me. It was bumping music as the window of the passenger seat went down. It reveal the driver was Gray, whilst he was lowering the volume of the music.

"Wanna ride home? It'll make me feel better, knowing you got home safe too. Just like you did to help me sober up."

I just sighed and smiled as I looked away for a moment. "I just met you though. Why would I get in your car, Mr Superstar?" A grin appear along his lips, as he lean forward to open the door. "I give you my word, I'll keep my hands to myself and take you straight home." It was kind of hard to say no now, mostly because, by time I get home the sun was coming up.

With a heavily sigh, I got into his car, and took over the GPS in the car. "Whoa, didn't expect you to know how to work this car." I looked up at him, once my address was typed in. "I used to have a BMW, but shit happens, right?" I just nodded his head before pointing out to the seat-belt.

Gray seem a bit off than before, while I put my seat belt. I was that charming man, before he saw my address. "What's wrong? You're ex-girl lives near me?" He chuckled, but kept most of his attention on the road. "Aniyo, just surprise how far you live, I bet the sun beats you home."

I couldn't hide my laugh, since he was right this time. "I'll take that as a yes." I just yawn whilst nodding my head. "If you want, go ahead, take a quick nap. I gave you my word, I won't do anything to you." I just laughed under my breath, before rolling down the window.

"I'm good..." He turn up the volume on his radio, as I noticed it was one of his songs. I could tell, since his voice was part of the track. "What, trying to get me into your music now?" I looked Gray's way, to see a small smile along his lips. "Aniyo, just happen to be playing, I have a hip-hop mix playing."

He glance at me a few time, as I lean back in my seat, and enjoy the breeze coming from the window. When we got to a red light, he reach behind me, to place a leather customized jacket over my lap. "May be summer, but it still gets a bit chilly." It was refreshing having a male be a gentleman like this to me. It didn't take him long though to get to my place.

I took his jacket and place it around the chair like it was a person. "Thank you for the ride. It was very sweet of you." Gray just nodded and hummed away. "I went to get out the car, when he lightly took hold of my hand. I could tell by his expression, it wasn't something he normally does.

"Thank you for trusting, and believing in me. I'm glad to see you have you're guard up too. But I highly recommend calling Uber to get home if you can. If not..."

He turn my hand over, and took a pen out of the glove compartment. Gray then wrote down something on my phone. "Don't hesitate to call me, I won't mind giving you a ride home. Rather you get home safely than walk and let the sun beat you home." I looked down at my hand, he just released, to see he gave me his number.

"I'll keep that in mind... drive safe... Gray-ssi."

I winked at him, before heading inside and upstairs to my apartment. I transfer his number from my hand to my phone, while in the elevator. I don't know what it was about Gray, but I felt comfortable with him, more than I have with any man.

I did though have a sinking feeling that he was hiding something....

something dangerous...


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