The Heirs Preview Ep 12 - Transcript included

MS: You really like Cha Eun Sang? YD: Is that what he/she/they said? YD: I look at Cha Eun Sang with this look. Tan: I’m not the director ‘s (JS) son. I’ve lied to you all this time. I’m sorry. Yoon: I think this is as much as I can help you personally. Won: Are you crazy? YD: You’re ES’s mom, right? YD: A maid’s daughter. ES: If you want to tell the other kids, go head. If you want to bother me, go ahead. YD: I didn’t say anything. ES: What you are going to do to me? YD: I’m not going to do anything (literally, he said “What is there for me to do?) Tan: Don’t think about threatening Cha Eun Sang with something like this. YD: Don’t mindlessly protect Cha Eun Sang. If you don’t protect Cha Eun Sang, I will protect everyone. Tan: If I go back to the way I was before in order to beat you, you’ll really die. Tan: It was nice to see you in my dreams. Tan: You missed me too. Cr: Jooni

Oh! To be ALIVE!! What a blessing!
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