Belong to them Ch.11: The things they carried

Warning: There's some angst content in this chapter please read with caution.

Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.

Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

You slowly moved to pull your shirt over your head and you felt Minho's hand come to your stomach. You flinched and willed yourself to stay calm. Kiseok was losing his mind in that chair having to watch this. Minho was doing this to piss him off and it was working but he was doing it to hurt him and that was working more. Minho knew, having already done it once, that you were sexually assaulted multiple times and twice by him, this being his third attempt. The second time was probably to get you to run from Kiseok and leave him broken hearted and, when you didn't do that, he found a better use for you.

You started to unhook your bra and let it slip off your arms, you stood there not saying a word but you were absolutely tense. Minho's hand ran up your stomach to your breast; his fingers rolled over your nipple and you tried your best to contain your shaking. You saw Kiseok gripping the sides of his chair. He was staring hard at you, the look of shame on his face but not shame towards you it was towards himself. Shame that he couldn't stop this from happening without risking you getting killed in the process.

Minho had thought it through and you would've used what Mintaek spent teaching you all day that one night if he didn't have the gun pointed to you. It was hard for you to find a moment to really unarm him.

You suddenly felt his lips at the nape of your neck and his fingers continued to play with your breast. You tried not focus on it, you were waiting for an opening. Silent tears ran down your face, having Kiseok watch this was worse. Not just for him but for you, you didn't like it. You had shown him helpess sides of you before but this was you at your most helpless. You were breaking down.

"Do you know why I'm doing this to you little girl?" Minho said.

You clenched your teeth and shook your head no. You couldn't even speak. Haneul was downstairs watching TV. He trusted this man, this monster, and he had no idea how dangerous he was. You had to find a way to get out of this safely. Minho kissed your neck more and there was a little gasp that slipped out like a moan. Minho chuckled sadistically,

"Don't pretend you don't like being touched like this."

His hand drew up your back making you shiver. Kiseok's nails dug into the chair. He was watching closely, he was looking for his opening as well. Minho's hand came back around your body and he grabbed your neck. He squeezeed tight and you grabbed his hand but he was squeezing harder.

"Don't hurt her!" Kiseok jolted worried.

"No?" Minho said.

He released your neck and you fell over onto the bed with your hands being the only thing to hold you up. You were panting and gasping for air. More tears dropped onto the bed.

"Y/n." Kiseok called to you.

"I'm sorry." you said to him.

"Don't apologize this isn't your fault." He said.

"He's right, for once in you ever so fucked up life, this wasn't your fault. This is all about him." Minho said.

He kicked your legs and said,

"Lay on your back and put your hands above your head."

You listened while wiping tears away. You looked up at him aiming the gun at your chest again. He traced his fingers down your body making you shiver again. The light graze from the tips of his fingers created a tickle that your stomach tried to flee from. You weren't so into slow and tender for this reason. It was fine once in a while when memories like this one wouldn't pop up but when you were raped the first time Ju Kyung had taken his time toying with your body. Kiseok toyed with your body in a different manner, one that you could find pleasure in.

Minho's hand came to the front of your pants and you started realizing what he was doing.

"Don't." Kiseok warned.

Minho flashed him a death stare but his hand continued moving, he was able to unbutton your pants and then he pulled the zipper down.

"Please don't do this." You said starting to get worked up.

Minho reached into his back pocket and threw something at Kiseok. It landed on the floor and Minho said,

"Pick it up."

You were able to lean your head back enough to see Kiseok lean over and pick up a small little piece of paper. No, it was a photo. Minho climbed over you and settled so that he could keep your legs pinned under him. His hand rested on your stomach and he kept the gun by your chest.

"Tell me her name." Minho said.

Kiseok looked at the photo for a bit and looked up at Minho.

"I don't know who this is." Kiseok said.

Minho's hand pushed down your panties and started to play with your clit. Your breath hitched and you clenched your teeth, trying desprately not to react to his fingers touching your body. You were a bit sensitive and this wasn't helping.

"Look harder and tell me her name." Minho said again while he continued to play with your body.

You gripped onto the sheets. Was this all done because of a woman? His fingers slid down your folds and two of them shallowly dipped inside of you. You feared what he'd do after this. Why did Kiseok have to know the name of the girl? What did it matter? Did Kiseok do something bad in his past? Was the girl related to him?

What name

"I don't know her." Kiseok said.

He pushed his fingers inside of you and you jerked with a little yelp. You squeezed your eyes shut tight and shook your head. Your legs tried to move while he fingered you. You were losing your head for a moment. You were trying to stay focused, you couldn't let Minho win, you weren't a victim. Yet he was pushing his fingers inside of you to piss Kiseok off and it was working.

"Stop touching her!" Kiseok yelled.

"Keep your voice down or I'll shot her." Minho said.

You opened your eyes to see Minho raising the gun to your head. He was blurry but you could make out the hard face that was concentrated on Kiseok.

"That girl went to school with us. She was in love with you, you don't remember her?" Minho said.

Kiseok shook his head,

"I don't know her."

"You two dated your freshman year of college. You gave her a hope she never knew she'd have and then you took her life." Minho said.


"What the fuck do you want!" Kiseok snapped.


fucking fucking

Kiseok shook his head,

"I don't know her. I never dated anyone my freshman year." Kiseok said.

Say HerNameName

"Goon Yi Jin." Kiseok said.


He yanked down your pants and you covered up your womanhood wanting him to stop now. You needed him to stop touching you, you couldn't handle anymore of this.

"You tried to rescue her like you tried to rescue Y/n. You love the ones that need you, that let you take control. You love the ones that are broken and on the edge of taking their own lives. You're the real monster here Kiseok not me. You gave Yi Jin hope and then you stole it from her."

He moved the gun to your stomach and you shook your head,

"No don't- please. Minho." You begged.

You covered your face. He continued to speak.

You killedkilled

There was a different tone in his voice than there normally was. The tone of anger was now mixed with pain... Heartache.

you youyouwouldn'twouldn't

There were tears coming down Minho's face now. His gun pressed into your stomach more and you looked at him like you were pleading. Kiseok looked at the photo like he was told and stared for a while. Minho leaned down to your body; he moved your hands away from your womanhood and you shook your head telling him no but he wasn't listening. You started to fight back a little and he pressed the gun into your stomach again. You stopped moving, he licked your nipple and you looked away from him while his fingers moved your panties to the side. His fingers dove inside your heat and you grabbed his arm crying.

"Stop, stop, stop." You cried.

Minho looked up at Kiseok.

"Watch what I do to her. Watch me ruin the one woman you've ever truly loved."

"Kiseok." You cried.

"I'm right here babygirl." He said frustrated.

You could hear the brokenness in his voice and it was tearing you apart. You wanted him to save you, you wanted him to push him away. You wanted someone to come busting through the door. Something had to happen, someone had to stop this. Minho's fingers kept fucking you and you covered your mouth to keep from crying out. Your tears streamed down the side of your face.


He leaned down and bit your nipple and your hand came down to push his head away. He came to kiss you on the lips and you tried pressing your lips together to avoid feeling his tongue in your mouth. The result was his tongue gliding across your pressed lips and that felt even dirtier. Despite being afraid and angry, your body recognized the motions of what was happening to you. You felt your walls closing in. You shook your head and Minho smiled,

"Such a filthy little slut right? Just like your fucking mother, you're going to come soon aren't you? It doesn't matter who's touching you, you'll fucking come for anyone."

"Stop it, stop it." you pushed on his chest.

He kept his gun pressed into after he moved it a little lower down your torso.


"Stop it!" Kiseok snapped.


Minho looked up at Kiseok with a crazy smile,

"You're going to want to die when this is over Kiseok but you're not going to die until you feel it. The helplessness I felt for letting the woman I loved die by the one I once called a friend. You thought I lost my mind after my overdose? No, no I didn't lose my mind I gained clarity. I'm getting Yi Jin's revenge."

You were closer to coming and you gripped the bed.

"Don't come yet." Kiseok said.

You breathed and looked back at him.

"Hold it." he said.

You shook your head, you weren't going to be able to hold it.

"Hold it." he said.

He was really giving you a command right now? It was an automatic kind of response though. Your walls tightend on his fingers while he kept pumping them inside you but you didn't know what holding it in would do other than by time but that was seconds. Kiseok moved a little and Minho pointed the gun at him and shook his head.


Come on Y/n think. Think, relax. Don't feel a thing. What can I do?

His hand was coming back down to you when you suddenly twisted your body to catch his hand with your thighs. You wrapped your leg around his arm to hold him tighter and he dropped the gun to push you to the floor.

"Fucking bitch." Minho spit.

He got up with the gun but Kiseok had lunged and grabbed him by the neck forcing him to the bed. His gun went off and you fliched almost getting hit. You stood up seeing the two struggling and Kiseok said,

"Y/n leave!"

"No." you said.

No way in hell you were leaving him alone with this psycho.

"Go! Get Haneul and Go!" He yelled.

Minho had gotten on top of him and you grabbed a hoody and your shoes and ran out. You were in your panties and what was Kiseok's over sized hoody. You ran down the steps and saw Haneul looking up at the stairs. You had to get Haneul out of here that was the only reason you left.

"What's going on?" He asked.

You quickly picked him up,

"Baby we have to go." you said.

You ran to the door and a shot fired off near you. You covered Haneul seeing Minho by your bedroom door with a gun. Kiseok rushed him from behind almost flinging him off the banister but he had solid footing. You opened the front door and took Haneul out. The elevator opened as you ran down the hall with him and Mintaek was hurrying out of it. He saw you in a rush and grabbed you.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Help him, Minho's in there he's going to kill him." You said panicked.

Mintaek nodded, he pulled out his own gun and told you two to stay put. He ran down the hall into the penthouse. You turned to Haneul and knelt down.

"Sweetie I need you to listen to me okay. That man, Minho, I know he's friends with your father but he's a very very bad man. He's very bad okay. I need to get you back to your father okay?" you said.

"What's going to happen?" he asked scared.

"It's going to be okay baby, you're going to be safe. Your father's going to come and get you. You're going to be okay." You said.

You heard the sound of things breaking and a gun shot went off. Then another. Then there was nothing. You looked at Haneul and said,

"Stay here baby don't move unless you see Minho come out okay. If you see him you run and you don't stop, do you understand me? Don't trust a word he says okay?"

Haneul nodded and you ran back to the penthouse door and saw Minho standing over Kiseok with the gun. You carefully walked in while his back was turned to you and you saw Mintaek on the floor with bullet wounds.

"This is all because of you!" Minho screamed.

"You're just looking for someone else to blame because you weren't strong enough to save her yourself. How was I to know she'd take her own life? You think I wanted that for her, or you? We were friends I remember that much. I remember being your friend Minho I wanted to help you but you- you were so far gone." Kiseok said.

what youwhat you

You had made it up behind him and you had already taken out the small knife that Mintaek had told you to hide in your shoe.

"The only one that's going to die is you." You said.

You shoved the knife in his neck and the gun went off before Minho started to fall to the floor. His blood leaked out onto your hand and down his body until he hit the floor. Minho began to bleed out and life quickly began to leave him while you watched; you looked at Kiseok. He had been shot. You knelt down quickly seeing him bleeding out as well.

"No no no no no. Don't you dare leave me." You said.

You dropped down to him and applied pressure to his wound.

"I told you to run baby girl." he said .

"I need to get you help."

You looked for a phone and then heard Mintaek talking. You turned back to see him on the phone already; he was on an emergencey line, you just had to keep Kiseok and Mintaek alive long enough for them to get here and take care of them. You covered your face for a second. You put more pressure on Kiseok's wound. What were you going to do with Haneul? You looked down at him with blurring eyes.

"Don't leave me." You cried softly.

"I'm not going yet." Kiseok smiled weakly.

He raised his hand and the back of it met your stomach.

"You're pregnant." he asked.

You were going to answer but he started to close his eyes.

"No, no Kiseok. Please! Kiseok. Kiseok!" You panicked.

You leaned down bringing your ear to his face you counted but you could feel him breathing. He was still breathing he may have just been resting. Blood started to cover your knees and you heard,

"Uncle Minho?"

You turned to see Haneul standing there and you were crying and covered in blood. Haneul came into the room.

"No baby, stay back. Mintaek give him your phone. Haneul do you know your father's number?" you said.

"What's happening? What happened, is he okay?"

"Baby listen to me do you know your father's number?" you said.

He nodded.

"Good, I need you to call him. Tell him he needs to come and get you now, okay?" you said.

He started to cry.

"Haneul baby, baby look at me please." you said.

He looked up at you with wet eyes.

"I know you're confused baby I know but I really need you to listen to me right now, okay? I need you to just call you father. Talk to him and tell him to come get you please." You said.

Mintaek gave him his phone and you could see him holding his side. He was moving slowly and he was slightly weak. The ambulance took ten minutes to get to your penthouse. You had to ride to the station to give a report for the police. Haneul had to come with you but while you were giving a statement and writing down what had happened Mintaek was with Haneul. You weren't released until late that night and you had gone to see how Kiseok was doing. You were the only one allowed to go in to see him because you were his fiance, the closest relation to him.

The doctors said there was some scarring from the bullet but he was stable. He was alive but he'd be in the hospital for a little longer. They had to keep him under observation. The bullet moved a few times during the surgery and even though he was all sewed up and the bullet was out they were concered with him moving around too much. Kiseok was going to live that was what you were concerned about. Now all you had to do was deal with Ju Kyung.

You couldn't believe this was all over a girl's suicide. Not that the suicide should've been taken lightly but Minho wanted Kiseok to suffer for what had happened to the girl. He cheated on her, that was wrong but he had no power over what she decided to do next. Who's to say that if Kiseok had just broken up with her that she still wouldn't have taken her life? You had gone down that road before, any slight trigger could make a girl want to die. Like being sexually assaulted infront of your fiance.

Your skin crawled thinking about everything he'd done. It was just as traumatizing as what happened last time. Yet, it was because of a child that you were even holding on. No, this time it was more than Haneul. You weren't going to end your life, you weren't that girl anymore. You weren't going to be that weak anymore, you could overcome this. You had to. Especially now, you placed your hand on your stomach. You couldn't just give up now.

It seemed to you that this all happened for one specific reason though and it wasn't really because Kiseok had cheated and Yi Jin took her life. It was because Minho felt powerless to stop her from doing it. He needed an outlet, he needed someone to blame that wasn't himself. You could kind of tell through his tears of frustration, all of this was because he couldn't accept the fact that he could've saved her but he didn't. He was her friend, he could've saved her. He could've been there for her, he was the one to find her dead, perhaps if he showed up earlier she'd still be alive. Perhaps it was his overdoes that made him come back far more sadistic than he was before.

He said that he had reached clarity but really it was insanity. He dived into the sadness and regret and the pain he felt by losing the woman he loved so much, the woman that loved his friend and saw him as only a friend. That pain drove him to revenge and the thoughts of revenge drove him out of his mind, to the point that he'd taken the women that Kiseok loved from him and then threatend to end your life because he knew how much he was in love with you and you were with him. If Minho had killed you and just left Kiseok to live with it, after everything he did, you could see the cycle actually never coming to an end.

Kiseok would look for revenge.

Blood for blood.Blood for blood.

The war between them would continue and the pain of them losing the people the loved they would carry with them until the end.

What a dangerous road to travel in.....

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